Massanutten Mt. Trails 100 Miler
Solo Division

May 14-15, 2016
George Washington National Forest, Virginia

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Finishers in the Solo Division did not use a pacer or crew and did not receive artificial assistance throught the use of personal listening devices.

Solo Men
12Jason Lantz3520:24:57
28Steve Hawkins3823:15:37
312Denis Cook3323:36:40
414Ken Niemimaa4424:25:07
515Pierre Lequient4824:38:06
618Guillermo E Ayala4224:50:30
719John Robinson5725:01:04
822Stephane Scaglione4225:37:13
927Christopher Martin4926:26:04
1031Jason Brady3727:09:11
1133Douglas Wickert4327:31:39
1235Jim Harris5127:57:44
1341Jose Orillac4428:30:36
1442Jeremy Lyons2928:41:04
1544Paul Lefelhocz4728:41:55
1649Greg Trapp5328:52:52
1751Brett Wilks3629:13:46
1853Patrick Heine2729:31:16
1956James Conway4529:41:23
2060Philip Yeager3629:53:46
2161Bryce Campbell3629:54:25
2262Pedro Soto3829:57:00
2363Levi Rizk3230:23:52
2465Tom Page4830:49:08
2566Chad Cato4330:58:26
2668Jonathan Faryadi2731:11:44
2769Dave Herring4531:12:31
2873Martin Rouillard4531:21:36
2974Benjamin Ruest2931:21:36
3076Olivier Jacqueau5431:29:49
3179Richard Coughlin4131:37:28
3282Dong Lin4432:10:39
3388Louis Kugel3932:25:56
3498Todd Sinclair5333:20:36
35101John W. Taylor5433:34:38
36102Sean Lawler4433:35:05
37103Keith Knipling4033:39:26
38106Andrew Burnette4533:47:41
39112Tim Kowtko3634:05:07
40116Christopher Hawley4834:24:20
41117Rob Hoyt2934:24:28
42118Roy Heger6134:29:17
43122Irving Bennett5534:37:27
44138Vincent Swendsen5335:31:11
45143Shihab Shamma6235:39:42
Solo Women
177Joanne Fenninger5031:31:26
287Dani Seiss4532:24:32
3108Laura Drake2633:48:13
4132Joyce Fendley5035:20:29

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