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MMT 100 Crew Instructions

Updated for the 2018 Event

This page has been updated for the 2018 event.

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Bring these instructions with you. They will be in short supply, if available at all, at the event.

While crews are welcome at the MMT, they can cause congestion and related problems. Crews must comply with the provisions on this page. Race management reserves the right to take action on violations of these provisions ranging from a warning, to exclusion of the crew from an aid stations or all aid stations, and finally to disqualification of the runner whom the crew is supporting.

Special Note: The foregoing paragraph is especially true for the Habron Gap aid station. Crews are only allowed in areas that are designated "Crew Only." Setting up runner support on the state road is prohibited.

Bug repellant: Don't forget it. You will be around grass, weeds, and woods both at the aid stations and the start/finish. Be particularly careful of ticks.

Overall Rules

Crews are permitted at the aid stations listed below. Crews and pacers may only meet their runners within 200 feet of a designated aid station. The one exception is the 211E Parking Area, which is a checkpoint, not an aid station.

Crews may not meet runners at other places on the course due to limited parking, access, and safety.

There are special parking rules for the Visitors' Center and Picnic Area aid stations and the checkpoint at the crossing of Route US 211.

Among other things, your crew and pacer may have only one vehicle (they may not have separate cars) and must have a parking pass for that vehicle that will be issued at runner check in.

If a pacer needs to leave a car at the south end of the course, he or she may do so at the 211E parking area or the Visitors' Center parking lot and must have a parking permit. Each runner will receive only one parking permit whether he/she has a pacer or not. (Runners in the Solo Division will not receive a parking pass.) Pacers may not leave a car at Camp Roosevelt, but that point is a short walk from the Caroline Furnace Camp where you may leave a car. (It's about a mile from the parking at Caroline Furnace to Camp Roosevelt.) Pacers' cars may not be left at Gap Creek.

Crews are required to comply with the parking instructions of aid station personnel. We must restrict parking in many areas for safety reasons and Forest Service requirements.

Crews may not be allowed in certain portions of the aid station areas. Please note that if an area is cordoned off, you as crew are not allowed into these "runner only" areas.

If your runner drops out, he or she must return the bib number to the aid station captain. Don't drive away with a runner who has a bib number on!

Violation of these rules can lead to the exclusion of the crew from the aid station or all later aid stations or disqualification of the runner.


"FR" is Forest Road. "SR" is State Road. Signs generally have numbers only. Name signs are occasionally stolen. It is better to rely on numbers and use names as confirmation. Mileages are from vehicle odometers. Maps will be valuable in helping you navigate around the course. Take a look at the map before going to the next aid station.

Aid stations: Aid station food is intended for the runners, not the crews. Please don't take food or drink from the aid stations unless it is offered to you first. Some food might be in short supply, especially sandwiches, hot soup, or other warm food prized by runners. Your cooperation with aid station volunteers is appreciated.

Please drive carefully during the MMT 100. Use extra caution when on or near the MMT 100 course (Crisman Hollow Road (FR 274), SR 730, and FR 374). The roads are not designed for speed. Drive slowly.

Staff of the Forest Service will be present during the MMT 100. We appreciate their presence, particularly during emergencies.


Dogs are not allowed at the Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp (the start/finish). This is both a Camp rule and a rule we want to enforce. The Camp is congested and has much food around. Please do not bring a dog on the property.

Elsewhere on the course, do not bring a dog into any aid station.


Except were noted, there are no restroom facilities or running water on the course or in the aid stations.

Cell phones

There is cell phone coverage over some parts of the course, but it is sporadic. Cell phones work if you are on the top of the mountain, but not if you are "in a hole" in Fort Valley. (Fort Valley is where the start/finish is.) Our experience with AT&T and Verizon cellular service is (some of these connections may be "roaming" and conditions are known to vary):

Coverage: Aid stations: 2, 6, 9, 12, 14
No Coverage: Aid stations: 5, 10, 11, 15, start/finish

Emergency Telephone Numbers

The MMT goes through three Virginia counties. Where to call depends on which county the emergency occurs in.

Warren County
(Front Royal -- northeast portions of the course -- aid stations 6 - 8)
Warren County (Front Royal) Sheriff - 540-635-4128
Warren Memorial Hospital (Front Royal) - (540) 636-0300
  1000 N. Shenandoah Avenue

Page County
(Luray -- southern portion of course, east of ridge top -- aid stations 9, 11 - 15)
Page County (Luray) Sheriff - (540) 743-6571
Page Memorial Hospital (Luray) - (540) 743-4561
  200 Memorial Drive

Shenandoah County
(Woodstock -- western portion of course -- start/finish and aid stations 10, 1 - 5)
Shenandoah County (Woodstock) Sheriff - (540) 459-6100
Shenandoah Memorial Hospital (Woodstock) - (540) 459-1100
 759 South Main Street

U.S. Forest Service
Any emergency in the National Forest, should also be reported to the Forest Service:

Lee Ranger District
95 Railroad Avenue
Edinburg, VA 22824

Locations of Aid Stations with Crew Access

Here is information that should be helpful for those with GPS devices.

Aid stationMileageGPS Coordinates
Caroline Furnace Camp038.740118° N, 78.511017° W (Link in Google Maps)
AS 2: Edinburg Gap12.138.789360° N, 78.520912° W (Link in Google Maps)
AS 5: Elizabeth Furnace33.338.929070° N, 78.328743° W (Link in Google Maps)
AS 6: Shawl Gap3838.895611° N, 78.304749° W (Link in Google Maps)
AS 9: Habron Gap5438.770351° N, 78.423653° W (Link in Google Maps)
AS 10: Camp Roosevelt63.938.728168° N, 78.517052° W (Link in Google Maps)
AS 11: Gap Creek69.638.708191° N, 78.561020° W (Link in Google Maps)
AS 12: Visitor's Center78.138.642689° N, 78.611298° W (Link in Google Maps)
AS 14: Picnic Area87.938.637606° N, 78.608750° W (Link in Google Maps)
AS 15: Gap Creek96.838.708191° N, 78.561020° W (Link in Google Maps)
Caroline Furnace Camp103.738.740118° N, 78.511017° W (Link in Google Maps)

Directions to Aid Stations

Note: These instructions assume you leave the start/finish from the parking area, which we expect to be off the main north-south road in Fort Valley SR 675. (This road is marked both "Fort Valley Road" and "Camp Roosevelt Road" on maps.) As you leave the parking area, turning left is heading north, turning right is heading south. If you leave the camp onto the Moreland Gap Road, turn left and go a very short way to a fourway intersection where you meet 675. At that point, turning left is going north on Route 675; going straight is going south on 675.

When will my runner arrive? Look at the section times (fastest, average, slowest) at the bottom of the page. They can't give you an exact time, but they may give you an idea.

1. Start to AS #2, Edinburg Gap (12.1 miles)
Driving distance: 3.9 miles

2. AS #2 to AS #5, Elizabeth Furnace (33.3 miles)
Driving distance: 18.1 miles

3. AS #5 to AS #6, Shawl Gap (38 miles)
Driving distance: 7.2 miles

4. From AS #6 to AS #9 Habron Gap (54 miles)
Driving distance: 39.1 miles

5. From AS #9 to AS #10, Camp Roosevelt (63.9 miles)
Driving distance: 12 miles

6. From AS #10 to AS #11, Gap Creek Trail Head (69.6 miles)
Driving distance: 3.2 miles

7. From AS #11 to AS #12, the Visitors' Center (78.1 miles)
Driving distance: 6.5 miles

NOTE: Now that the MMT course puts runners on the south end of the course later, parking is not the concern that it was previously. You should be able to get a parking spot. But there is still limited parking at the aid stations on route 211 (#12 and #14). Please follow the directions of the parking attendants. You may only park one vehicle at any aid station along route 211, and you must have a permit that will be issued at check in. In the unlikely event there is no room for you to park at an aid station, you will be directed to try alternatives.

8. AS #12 to AS #14, the Picnic Area (87.9 miles)
Driving distance: .8 miles

9 [alternate]. AS #12 to 211E - Optional Meeting Point if you don't go to the Picnic Area
Driving distance: 2 miles

10. AS #14 [or 211E] to AS #15, Gap Creek Trail Head (96.8 miles) - This aid station is often called Jawbone Gap but is at the same location as AS #11, Gap Creek.
Driving distance: 6.5 miles

11. AS #15 to Caroline Furnace (103.7 miles)
Driving distance: 3.7 miles

Section Times

These are the fastest, average, and slowest times into each aid station with crew access. The data is for 2012 and 2013. The average time is also approximately the median time. At the average time, half the runners should have arrived.

Arrival Aid Station
No - Name - Sec Dist (mi)
#2 Edinburg Gap - 12.21:592:433:32
#5 Elizabeth Furnace - 21.33:195:047:14
#6 Shawl Gap - 4.70:511:212:26
#9 Habron Gap - 16.02:344:126:43
#10 Camp Roosevelt - 9.81:593:115:00
#11 Gap Creek I - 5.81:082:083:47
#12 Visitors Center - 8.51:403:135:18
# 14 Picnic Area - 9.91:473:337:13
#15 Gap Creek II - 8.91:472:584:22
Finish - 6.91:091:592:58

Revised May 2018

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