Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Entry Is Closed
Final Entrants List

2017 Entry

Entry is closed: The entry list is final. We don't make changes now. No one may "jump in" on race day. We expect no shows and don't replace them.

The Lottery: On January 11, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up at 19,954.28. That makes the starting number for our lottey 428, and we count up. Because we know that some lottery winners will not pay and join the entrants list, we are allowing the top 57 people on the potential wait list also to pay and enter on February 1. The result is that there are 208 lottery winners but 275 people who can join the entrants list on February 1. Remember, no one is put on any list automatically. You must come back before 9 p.m. on February 10 and take action. Lottery Results




Entry Schedule - 2017


Our entry system is a bit different so be sure to review the system on this page. We will allow 208 on the final entrants list with a goal of 200 starters.

Qualifications for Entry: Entrants must be at least 18 years old and have met one of the following tests by the day entry opens (January 1, 2017):

Entry Fee: The entry fee for 2017 will remain at $185.

Refunds: The entry fee is refundable less an amount we keep. You will receive a refund if:

  1. The request to withdraw from the event occurs on or before the day entry closes.
  2. There is someone on the wait list to fill the vacancy created by your withdrawal if the request occurs after April 1. (If there is no one on the wait list at the time of withdrawal, but someone joins the wait list later, we will issue refunds in the order requested.)
  3. We will withhold $25 from refunds for withdrawals requested on or before April 1 and $50 from refunds for withdrawals requested after that date.

Important: If you own a dog, be sure to read the rules on dogs before entering. Dogs are not allowed at the start/finish site.

Scholarships: The VHTRC sponsors the Debbie Morrin-Nordlund entry fee scholarships for needy runners. More information

Gary Knipling
RD Kevin Sayers welcomes Gary Knipling to the finish
Photo: Anstr Davidson

Wait List: We will maintain a wait list. Our experience is that many people will move from the wait list to the entrants list. This movement occurs slowly at first, but then much faster as the date of the run approaches. More information on chances of getting off the wait list and into the starting field.

Accommodations - Solo Division: You can reserve sleeping accommodations for Friday night at the start/finish, but that is not part of the entry process. Accommodation reservations will be taken starting March 1. Also, entrants can join the Solo Division starting that date.

You can order extra Friday night meals with entry. We expect that meals will be $8 with entry and $10 at the door.

About the Entry Process

The system is a two step process. You fill out the application, we have a lottery and, if you "win," you come back to the Web site to pay the entry fee. If you "lose" the lottery, you can join the wait list. Please at least skim this page before you start the entry process.

You don't pay during the first step in the proces. Payment occurs after the lottery.

Those seeking entry will apply on-line during the initial application period set out in the schedule. We will then pick the lottery “winners” and prioritize the list of lottery "losers" who are eligible to join the wait list.

During the period to pay or join the wait list, lottery winners and the top people on the wait list are eligible to complete the entry process by paying the entry fee. The lottery losers must join the wait list (if they want to) during this period. After the last day to pay or join the wait list, any lottery winner who failed to pay and any lottery loser who did not join the wait list will lose his or her right to join the entrant list or priority on the wait list.

Wait List Priorities: The initial field will be selected randomly. Each qualified runner has an equal chance of being in the initial starting field. We will, however, order the wait list using priorities. Given our experience with movement off the wait list, we expect that those with higher priorities will have a good chance of making it into the starting field.

Good Blood
Photo by Tom Sperduto

Here are the priorities from highest to lowest. Within priotity groups, ranking is by the random number that is assigned in the entry process. Within the priority groups based on number of finishes, runners are sorted first by number of finishes, then by lottery number. So all five time finishers would be ahead of all four time finishers.

  1. Applicants who, on three prior occasions in the last five years, served as pre-committed volunteers at the MMT and who were not in the starting field of the 2016 MMT.
  2. Prior overall winners of the men's or women's division of the MMT and prior race directors of the MMT
  3. Finishers of five or more MMTs, ranked by number of finishes
  4. "Last Year Losers" (formerly, "Two-time losers")

    There are 14 people who could qualify for this priority for 2017. Here is the rule:
    To qualify for the last year loser rule for the 2017 event, ALL of the following must apply to you:

    1. You entered the lottery for the 2016 MMT and were not selected;
    2. You joined the initial wait list for the 2016 MMT (i.e. you joined the wait list early enough to retain your priority);
    3. You did not withdraw from that wait list;
    4. You did not move from the wait list to the entrants list;
    5. You did not start the 2016 MMT; and
    6. You entered but were not selected in the lottery for the 2017 MMT.

    NOTE: The wait list will reopen on April 1 for anyone who did not enter the lottery. Joining the wait list at that time and remaining until the end would not apply toward the "two-time loser" rule for the 2018 event.
  5. Finishers of four to one MMTs, ranked by number of finishes.
  6. All other applicants ranked by lottery number.

In early April, we will reopen the wait list for persons who did not apply in the initial lottery or who did, but did not complete the process in a timely manner. At this point, people joining the wait list will do so at the end.

There is a full explanation of the VHTRC entry procedure if you are interested. It is very detailed. You are welcome to read it, but you don't have to.

Prior Entry Data

We have moved the entry data that was here. It is now on the chances of getting off the wait list page.