Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Runner Support

MMT is noted for its quality runner support. The heart of runner support is the network of 15 aid stations. These aid stations have a wide variety of sustenance, TLC, and most will take your drop bags. Many runners complete the course with using only the aid stations and drop bags. You don't need a crew or pacer, but you are welcome to have either.

Aid Stations

Support Information

Aid stations will have a variety of fluids and food. Drop bags may be sent to aid stations so designated. Leave drop bags at the Caroline Furnace Camp on Friday by the time noted in the schedule of events. The aid stations will support pacer's needs, but items in short supply will not be available to pacers. Aid Station Chart


You are welcome to have a crew support you at MMT. There are two things you should know about crews. First, it's not a trivial request to ask someone to crew for you. Crewing at MMT is not easy. The roads are dark, poorly marked, and lonely. There are long waiting times. Secondly, crews cause major parking, congestion, and administrative problems for our aid stations. Please ask your crew to abide by the rules for crews found on the crew instructions. Crew Instructions


You may have a runner accompany you from the Camp Roosevelt aid station (63.1 miles) or any aid station with crew access after Camp Roosevelt. Most food items at the aid stations will be available to pacers but some may be reserved for registered runners. We do not have means to give transportation to pacers or drive their cars anywhere. To assist runners to hook up with pacers, we have developed the pacer page. Pacer Page


The many volunteers are the center of MMT. You can see many of the folks who will be helping you finish MMT on the volunteer page. This page is also the place to find out about volunteering at the event. Volunteer Page