Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Start time: 4 a.m.
May 18, 2019


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The MMT is a challenging 100 mile trail ultra over a demanding, rocky course in the Massanutten Mountains of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. The course includes short but rugged mountain climbs that total over 18,000 feet. While the May date usually avoids Virginia's brutal summer weather, we have had rain and violent storms in prior years. The event is noted for its well-stocked, friendly aid stations and good course marking.

The Run

Start Time and Place: The run starts at 4 a.m. on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp in Fort Valley, Virginia (near Luray). The finish line is at the same location as the start. The course closes 35 hours later at 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 19.

The Course: The course is a loop in the Massanutten Mountains. Course information

Aid Stations: There are 15 aid stations. Most will be fully stocked. More aid station information.

Medical Issues: Runners at the MMT are responsible for their own health and well-being. We do not have "medical checks" or medical professionals at the event. You need to take care of yourself. Please read our medical policy before you enter.

Drop Bags: You may prepare drop bags for delivery to most aid stations. Drop bag guidance. Be sure to note the deadline for submitting drop bags and the likely wait to get them back.

Female Event Record Holder Angela Shartel
Photo: James Williams

Course markings: The course will be marked with yellow surveyor's tape. Red tape will bar entry to trails you shouldn't take. Never cross a red ribbon. There will be reflective markings for the the portions of the course traveled at night. (We no longer generally use chemlites, though there will be a few in some locations.) While the VHTRC has an established reputation for a well-marked course, that doesn't mean you can't get lost if you don't pay attention.

Cut-offs: All aid stations with crew access have cut-off times that will be enforced. You must be out of the aid station before the cut-off. A race official will enforce the cut-off times. The overall time limit to complete the course is 36 hours. The cut-off times are listed on the aid station chart.

Pacers: Many people run MMT without help, and several course records were set without pacers or crews. You may, however, have a pacer join you at anytime at the Camp Roosevelt aid station or any aid station beyond that point where crew access is allowed. Also, you may pick up a pacer at the Habron Gap aid station after 6 p.m. Saturday. To help pacers and runners find each other, we have established the MMT Pacer Page. Also, important rules for pacers are available on that page.

2015 Winner Brian Rusiecki at Woodstock Aid Station
Photo: Paul Encarnación

Solo Division (No crew, no pacer, no headphones): There will be a category for those runners who complete the event without crew or pacer support. Solo Division information.

Crews: We provide support so that you will not need a crew. But your crew is welcome to support you if they comply with the rules for crews. The detailed rules for crews are in the Crew Instructions.

Awards: All finishers will receive an engraved belt buckle—silver for under 24 hours, pewter otherwise. There will be awards for the male and female winners in the categories noted below. At least two competitors must start the race in a category for an award to be earned.

With the exception of the Solo division winner, the winners of the categories listed above can only receive one award. The overall winner will not receive the award for his or her age group. The overall winner may receive the solo division award if he or she participated in the solo division. The awards work down as listed above. The result is that the first VHTRC is the first member of the VHTRC to finish who did not win the overall award or an age group award.

Special recognition is given to 5, 10, and 15 year finishers.

Visitors Center Aid station at night
Visitors Center Aid Station at night
Photo: Aaron Schwartzbard

Visitors Award: If you run as far as Camp Roosevelt (63.5 miles), but do not finish, you will receive a rocky reminder of your visit to Massanutten Mountain. This "Visitor Award" is given to entice you back another year to be more than a visitor to the MMT 100.

Post Run Celebration and Awards Ceremony: We will again have food and refreshments at the finish line that will be free to all -- runners, volunteers, crews, and pacers. The awards ceremony will take place in the afternoon. More details will be available as the race approaches.

Training Runs: There will be training runs on the course. Training Run Information. Also, since the entire course, except for the start and finish, is on public land--you can explore the course yourself with a map.

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Finish Line and Tent
The Finish Line and Race Headquarters Tent