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Stonewall Jackson Foot Cavalry Division

The Stonewall Jackson was part of the 2009 and 2010 MMTs. For 2011, we have changed the name to the "Solo Division" to describe more clearly what it is. Solo Division information

The Stonewall Jackson Foot Cavalry Division is our recognition of the solo runner, who does not use a crew or pacer, and a tie to the unique history of the area the MMT uses. A silver buckle will go to the male and female winners.


Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson

The area we are running in is very rich in history. Part of this history is the Civil War battles that were contested around these very mountains.

The early part of 1862 saw a series of engagements between Union and Confederate troops that were remarkable in the sheer will and endurance displayed by the seemingly out-matched and out-numbered Confederate troops.

The Confederates were commanded by Stonewall Jackson and, despite his forces being outnumbered 3 to 1, Jackson used a combination of audacity, knowledge of terrain, and shrewd military tactics to occupy 60,000 Union troops in this area for the first half of 1862. By doing so, he was able to help keep these Union forces away from the Confederate capital in Richmond. During these engagements, Jackson maneuvered his "Foot Cavalry" 646 miles in 48 days of marching and won five significant victories with a force of about 17,000 against a combined force of 60,000. More Info: Valley Campaign | Foot Cavalry

The Rules

Civil War Map
Portion of a map of the Shenandoah Valley, to illustrate the Valley Campaign of "Stonewall" Jackson, 1862: [compiled by Jedediah Hotchkiss] drawn by D. C. Humphreys C.E.
From Library of Congress collection.
  1. Entrants declare their intent to enter the solo division when they register, or to the RD at any time until May 3. (Entrants may withdraw from the division until May 3.)
  2. Entrants in this division will have no crews and no pacers and will not use the crews or pacers of other entrants.
  3. Entrants will rely only on the official stations and their own drop bags for all support -- food, fluids, clothing, supplies, etc.
  4. Entrants may run with any other MMT entrant or group of entrants, solo or not. Entrants in this division may run with another entrant in the run who has a pacer as long as the division entrant does not take any direct aid from the pacer.
  5. Entrants may be helped in the aid station by aid station volunteers the same as other entrants, but are not to be helped by crew.
  6. Entrants may get impromptu, unplanned assistance from other runners (but not pacers) while on the course between aid stations (example - gu, water, salt tablet, band-aid, etc).
  7. If entrants violate these rules, they are not disqualified from the entire race; rather, they can continue but will no longer be recognized as being part of the solo division.