Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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MMT 2018 -- Last Minute Info -- What You Need to Know

Race Weekend Schedule - Friday: Pick-up packet from 2-8 p.m.; briefing at 4; dinner at 5; deposit drop bags by 6:45; Start: start at 4 a.m. sharp - Live Updates will be here

Special Notes

Dogs Are NOT Allowed at the start/finish or at any aid station.

Crews at Habron Gap: Crews are only allowed in areas that are designated "Crew Only." Setting up runner support on the state road is prohibited.

The Camp and Bugs: The start/finish is beautiful, peaceful, and rural. This pastoral setting, however, includes grass, dirt, mud (if it rains), and ticks. We expect a lot of bugs. Bring bug repellent! Ticks carry Lyme Disease. Be careful!

Live Updates We expect to have updates during the event. Assuming we have our Internet access at the camp, we should have fairly frequent updates of runners' progress around the course. The live updates will be here. We are not doing photo uploads this year.

Please give us your bib number if you drop: Lost runners cause volunteers a great deal of worry and a lot of work. If you drop out, please give your bib number to the aid station captain or the radio folks at race headquarters. (There won't be a "Grim Reaper" this year. The aid station captains will enforce the cutoffs.) If you don't finish, we should have your number. If we don't, you could be prevented from running future MMTs.

This page accumulates all the information on the Web site that you will likely need to know for this year's event.

Important: We will not have paper copies of any of this available for you on race weekend. If you need information, either write it down or print it out ahead of time. This is particularly true for the crew instructions. If you need them, bring them.

Getting Around

Weekend Events

The Course


Still Have a Question?

If you can't find the answer to a question here or elsewhere on the site, you can e-mail the RD, Kevin Sayers at, before Wednesday at 9 p.m. After that, just do your best and we will work it out at the Camp.

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