Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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2014 Lottery Results
WARNING: Please Read!

The lists linked from this page are not entrants or waiting lists. In both cases, you need to take action to get on the eventual entrants or waiting lists. These lists are like being near the front of the line to buy tickets for a rock concert. Given your place in line, you will probably get a ticket, but only if you stay in the line and pay.

The DOW Number: On January 10, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down at 16,437.05. That makes 705 the starting number for our lottery, and we count down.

The list of "winners" of the lottery for MMT entry and the list of those who did not make it, are linked from this page.

If you are on the "Winners" list, you must still pay. If you are on the "Losers" list, you must come to this Web site and join the Waiting List. Full information about how to complete either process will be available on this Website on February 1.

For questions or problems, contact Anstr Davidson.