Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Course Map

This map shows the MMT course in general terms. For more precise navigation, you should supplement this map with Map G (2014), Map H (2014), or the Guide Set--Book and both maps from the Potomac Appalchian Trail Club. (You can get along without Map H if you don't mind not having about five or six miles of the southern part of the course.)

Thanks to Keith Knipling for contributing this map and the elevation chart below. They are based on data from the GPS Keith wore during the 2011 MMT.

Download printable version of Map [3.5 MB PDF - prints as two pages]

MMT Course Map

Printable version of Map [3.5 MB PDF - prints as two pages]

Elevation Chart

This chart gives a better idea of the profile of the course because it is wide. Use the slider below the image to view the entire course.

MMT Altitude Profile

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Aid Stations and Cutoff Times Chart