Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 1999 Photos

Photos from the 1999 MMT. These were taken by Irv Barb, Gary Knipling, and Karsten Brown. If there is a misidentication, please let Anstr know. Karsten took most of these pictures. A big thanks to him! His pictures have the "kb" in the address.

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New New in July--Pictures from Bill van Antwerp

Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club (SVARC)

  • Christine Kestner KF4VED and Jane Barb KD4IET
  • Jane Barb
  • Rick Choy N3HXT
  • Jane Barb


  • Entrance to Skyline Ranch Resort
  • The infamous horse statue
  • Skyline Ranch Resort
  • The ranch house
  • Scott Mills in the wild wild west
  • View from Skyline Ranch - Shawl Gap at left, Buzzard Rock at right
  • Skyline Ranch parking lot - Sherman's Gap in background


  • Trail markers Tom Trask, Anstr Davidson, and Karsten Brown
  • Anstr ties a yellow ribbon
  • Tommy rolls out the red tape
  • Race director Ed Demoney
  • Ed talks to a volunteer and a ranger
  • Super volunteer Bill Sublett and his rental truck
  • Bill Sublett assembles Visitors Awards
  • Ed Demoney and Anstr Davidson


  • The registration table
  • Drop bag area
  • Friday trail briefing
  • Spaghetti dinner at the ranch
  • Bill Wandel cleaned his plate
  • Eating dinner outside
  • Friday night strategy session
  • Keith Knipling, Frank Probst, and Gerry Wales
  • Anstr, Stan, Margie, and Bill Sublet
  • Carolyn tries to sleep


  • Waiting inside patiently for the start
  • Studying the course map
  • Still waiting patiently...
  • Chris Trimmer prepares for the race
  • The anticipation mounts
  • John Geesler and others file outside
  • A hundred runners get set to go
  • Ed Demoney instructs the throngs
  • Counting down to 5 AM


  • Gerry Wales gets ready at aid station #1
  • Chris Trimmer and others drink up
  • Hydrating with Mitchell Rossman, John Prohira, and more


  • Volunteers await the runners at aid station #2
  • Ed Demoney plans his afternoon
  • John Geesler, one of the leaders at Shawl Gap
  • Ian Torrence coming down from Shawl Gap
  • Tim Hewitt blazes off in the lead
  • John Geesler rounds the bend
  • Ian Torrence heads out toward Veach
  • Chad Ricklefs tries to eat his sunglasses
  • Alan Thomason leaves Shawl Gap
  • A runner approaches aid station #2
  • Another runner approaching aid #2
  • Here comes Scott Eppelman
  • Yet another runner coming down from Shawl
  • Frank Probst and Gyula Kiss try to outrun the storm
  • Storm clouds bear down on Shawl Gap


  • Aid Station Crew--John, Jim, Mark (runner), Ron, and Tim
  • Phil Wright (five-time finisher)
  • Harry Smith
  • Peyton Robinson, Joe Riddle, and Don Villeneuve
  • Don Villeneuve
  • Don, Art Moore, Jim Moore (right)

    675 OVERLOOK (AID #6

  • Glenda Elliot, Valarie Meyer (station Captain), Matt Mahoney

    GAP CREEK (AID #7)

  • Aid Station Crew including Colleen Dulin and Marty Szekeresh
  • Dimitri Kieffer at the aid station
  • Above Gap Creek
  • Ed Milville
  • John Prohira
  • Ed Roth and Matt Mahoney
  • Gary Wright
  • John Prohira
  • Keith Knipling
  • Scott Mills near Waterfall Mt.

    211 EAST (AID #10)

  • Jans Family Aid Station Crew


  • Scothorn Aid Station--including ice cream sandwiches


  • Here's what an aid station looks like, all packed up
  • Woodstock Tower aid station
  • The Woodstock Tower crew: Mike Lipton, Karsten Brown, and Kyra Brown
  • The Aid Station Crew again
  • Volunteer Kim Weisgerber pushing Twinkies
  • Ian Torrence reaches Woodstock Tower before sunset
  • Radio guy, Kyra Brown, and the campstove of death
  • Scott Mills looks weary...
  • ...but perks up when he sees the camera!
  • Stan Ferguson at the buffet
  • Shoe maintenance
  • Tom Jarding takes a load off
  • Barbara Bellows can't get enough of the food and drink
  • Jose Wilkie waves
  • Peter Moore, looking like a model
  • Looking down at the Pixy Stix
  • A runner rests
  • Getting set to go
  • Tearing off some T.P.
  • Chris Trimmer (?) takes a break
  • Looking a bit too comfortable in that chair!
  • Woodstock Tower aid station at dawn
  • Zooming off towards Powell's Fort
  • Brian Clark needs a refill
  • Still standing
  • Brian Clark and another runner head on out
  • Jean Lichtenburger, tired but cheerful
  • Don Villeneuve in a well-matched ensemble
  • Happy to have reached Woodstock Tower aid
  • Phil Wright strides on in
  • Arthur Moore, just before knocking over the Doritos
  • Robert Calabria comes down the trail
  • Helping out at Woodstock Tower
  • Keith Knipling comes out of the woods
  • Bill Wandel took his nap earlier this year
  • Munching on some goodies
  • James Moore, no relation to Art Moore
  • Bill Wandel leaves Woodstock Tower
  • Carolyn Gernand, always with a smile on her face
  • Gary Wright with neck protection
  • Jim McKee, smiling despite missing the cutoff
  • Harry Smith
  • Peyton and Dee Robinson
  • Keith Knipling
  • Keith Knipling
  • John DeWalt
  • Jeff Washburn
  • James Moore
  • Bill Wandel


  • Low-key finish line
  • Mitchell Rossman completes 100 miles
  • Don Villeneuve crosses the finish line
  • Jean Lichtenburger finishes her second MMT 100
  • Ed Demoney shakes Jean's hand
  • Robert Calabria steps over the line
  • Arthur Moore looks a little wobbly as he finishes
  • Peyton Robinson looks up from the finish line


  • James Moore and Jeanne Lichtenberger at the start. Merrianne Brittain in background
  • Bill LaDieu at the 619 water point
  • Shenandoah Valley from Buzzard Rock
  • Another view of the valley--looking east
  • Bill van Antwerp with aid station head Mike Walsh at Shawl Gap parking
  • Gerry Wales at Veech Gap aid station
  • Shenandoah Valley shot from Milford area
  • Bill with volunteer Jim Hodson
  • The road into Habron Gap
  • Field along the road
  • Habron aid station
  • The top of Kennedy Peak tower
  • James Moore near Kennedy Peak
  • Valerie Meyer with Steve Simmons at 675 Overlook aid station
  • Scott Mills above Gap Creek
  • Gap Creek aid station--Bill with Colleen Dulin
  • Colleen again
  • Visitor's Center aid station crew--Jeanne, Bunny, Larry and Leonard
  • Bird Knob aid station crew--Mike Price, Greg Power, and Dan Grayson
  • Matt Mahoney with Shenandoah Valley to west
  • The Massanutten Mountain--looking north
  • Matt Mahoney at Powells Fort Camp aid station
  • James Moore on road near Powells
  • Gary and Keith Knipling near Powells
  • Bill Wandel at Powells

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