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    Construction of "Ed's Trail"--February 3 (Photos by Anstr Davidson)

  • Ed and Chris clear trail
  • Joe and Chris move a tree
  • Russ Evans
  • Picture running through this at night!
  • Lunch break--Joe, Ed, and Russ
  • Kerns Mountain Training Run--February 4 (Photos by Anstr Davidson)

  • Trail up Jawbone Gap from the east--you do this twice on race day
  • Anna Bradford and Gary Knipling at top of Jawbone
  • On Kerns Mt. Trail--Keith Whited, Mike George, Anna Bradford, Bill VanAntwerp, Mike Gholson, Russ Evans (kneeling)
  • South end of Short Mt. from Kerns--MMT doesn't go there
  • Bill and Anstr check out icicles on the rocks
  • The Kerns Mt. Trail is a bit hard at points!
  • Strickler's Knob from the west
  • Shenandoah Valley with Blue Ridge from Mary's Rock to Stony Man
  • Rte. 211 from top of mountain. 211 East aid station is in middle of picture.
  • Group at end of Massanutten Interpretive Trail
  • Gary sees a bear!
  • Going up Waterfall Mt.
  • A plant Gary got excited about!
  • Gang at trail intersection by Scothorn Gap
  • This bear pooped in the woods!