Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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New Full* Refund Policy
Expires on January 29, 2008

You can get all* your money back if you withdraw by January 29.

The on-line payment process allows us to reverse a transaction and grant a refund quite easily. The refund gives the entrant all* of his money back and the club recoups the credit card processing fee.

In recognition of this and to get the waiting list moving, we are amending the rule on refunds to the following extent:

If you withdraw from the entrants list on or before January 29, 2008, we will credit your credit card or PayPal account for your full entry fee*. We will not withhold the normal $25 processing fee. We will continue to deduct $25 from refunds requested after January 29. Post January 29 refunds will be made by check.

We realize that most withdraws from the MMT entrants list occur later than January 29. But if, by that date, you know you can't run, you can get all* your money back and free up space on the waiting list for another runner.

To withdraw from the entrants list, contact Stan Duobinis.

* We have mailed the maps to those who requested them. If you ordered maps, we will have to keep $15.

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