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Solo Division
No Pacer, no Crew, no Headphones

Solo Division Is Closed, but you can Join at Check In

The Solo Division is our recognition of the runner who does not use a crew or pacer. An award will go to the male and female winners of the division. All finishers in the division will receive a token of their achievements. Solo Division awards are in addition to any other awards. The overall winner of the race may also receive the award for the Solo Division.

The Rules

    Susan Donnelly with Kevin Sayers
    2011 Solo Division Female winner Susan Donnelly with RD Kevin Sayers
  1. Entrants declare their intent to enter the solo division at any time until the final entrants list is set. Entrants may also join or leave the solo division at check-in on Friday before the start.
  2. Entrants in this division will have no crews and no pacers and will not use the crews or pacers of other entrants.
  3. Entrants in this division may not use personal listening devices (headphones, ear plugs, iPods, etc.) at any time during the race.
  4. Entrants will rely only on the official aid stations and their own drop bags for all support -- food, fluids, clothing, supplies, etc.
  5. Solo Division Finisher Award
    Solo Division Finishers Award
  6. Entrants may not take any aid, equipment, or clothing items left specifically for them at an aid station. Generally, everything must come from the aid station supplies or the runner's drop bags. Entrants may, however, take anything from an aid station that is generally available to all runners regardless of who provided it. They may also take unplanned emergency items from other crews not related to them in anyway. Example, a bandaid from another runner's crew.
  7. Entrants may run with any other MMT entrant or group of entrants, solo or not. Entrants in this division may run with another entrant in the run who has a pacer as long as the division entrant does not take any direct aid from the pacer.
  8. Entrants may be helped in the aid station by aid station volunteers the same as other entrants, but are not to be helped by crew.
  9. Entrants may get impromptu, unplanned assistance from other runners (but not pacers) while on the course between aid stations (example - gu, water, salt tablet, band-aid, etc).
  10. If entrants violate these rules, they are not disqualified from the entire race; rather, they can continue but will no longer be recognized as being part of the solo division.

History: The Solo Division began in 2009 as the "Stonewall Jackson Foot Cavalry Division." In 2011, we changed the name to the more-descriptive Solo Division.

Join the Solo Division: You may not join the Solo Division now. You may join or withdraw from the Solo Division at check-in.

Current Solo Division
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