Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Splits and Results

Splits - runners' times of arrival at each aid station
Results - detailed results
Out of Race - Did not Start or Did not Finish
Mug Shots of Runners
Section Times - Historical Fastest/Average/Slowest times between each aid station
Runners - Up to date Solo and VHTRC membership

Leader Board

Last Updated: 22:15:53, May 28 2018 (EDT)
Runners are sorted by time of arrival at most distant aid station.
Leader Board
1Matthew Thompson1623:0719:07:59
2Jason Lantz1600:3520:35:25
3Scott Gregor1601:4221:42:45
4Pierre-Michel Arcand1602:0322:03:37
5Joey Cohen1602:1522:15:37
6Joel Noal1602:4522:45:31
7David Lantz1602:5122:51:59
8Patrick Heine1603:2823:28:24
9Ryan Quinnelly1603:3923:39:14
10Eric Harris1603:4123:41:35
11Denis Cook1603:4723:47:25
12Jesse Tubb1604:1124:11:46
13Kathleen Cusick1604:2724:27:24
14Martin Rouillard1605:4425:44:07
15Joshua Laker1605:5325:53:30
16Keith Knipling1606:1226:12:59
17Kelsey Allen1606:1726:17:15
18Wesley Hunt1606:2226:22:12
19Avery Frantz1606:3226:32:21
20Christopher Miller1606:4026:40:15
21Dustin Campion1606:4026:40:56
22Jesse Fuller1606:4226:42:59
23Kelly MacDonald1606:4426:44:48
24Patrick Kanold1606:4826:48:51
25Enrique Rubio1607:1427:14:14
26Brian Huffman1607:1927:19:58
27Rhoda Smoker1607:2327:23:17
28Ryan Nebel1607:4227:42:44
29John Lehmann1607:4727:47:34
30Matthew Smith1607:5027:50:54
31Dan Rogers1607:5627:56:39
32Matt Banning1608:0428:04:04
33Ryan Staggs1608:0928:09:17
34David Kennedy1608:2228:22:20
35Erick Kuhlmann1608:2328:23:39
36Tony McCormick1608:3828:38:51
37Erik Price1608:4928:49:41
38Aaron Shapiro1608:5228:52:27
39Vivien Taylor1609:1029:10:34
40David Peterman1609:1029:10:39
41Thad Will1609:1129:11:52
42Josh Howe1609:1629:16:30
43Brad Olzinski1609:4029:40:09
44Christopher Scarpitti1610:1030:10:54
45Andy Peterson1610:1230:12:24
46James Heun1610:2230:22:01
47Lyn Jones1610:2230:22:24
48Lisa Jones1610:2430:24:08
49David R. Brown1610:2830:28:55
50Frederic Giguere1610:3830:38:37
51Susan Donnelly1610:4630:46:56
52Doug Massengale1610:4830:48:37
53Arron Garrod1610:5230:52:50
54Mark Manny1610:5230:52:50
55Jim Roche1611:0231:02:56
56Kevin Dempsey1611:0731:07:06
57Jace Neuenschwander1611:1131:11:44
58Albert Cramer1611:1631:16:40
59David Glaser1611:1831:18:29
60Greg Trapp1611:2831:28:04
61George Teas1611:3231:32:10
62Kevin Clark1611:3231:32:50
63Joseph Pinter1611:3731:37:24
64Scott Waldrop1611:3931:39:15
65Serge Gosselin1611:4431:44:11
66Stephanie Dempsey1611:4731:47:00
67Sarka Petrickova1611:4731:47:00
68Steve Morneau1611:5731:57:53
69Patrice Godin1611:5831:58:00
70Patrick Lichy1612:0032:00:23
71Brett Lynch1612:0232:02:25
72Alvin Lee1612:0232:02:47
73Thomas Haine1612:1032:10:58
74Doug Schuch1612:2232:22:16
75Bert Salter1612:3732:37:43
76Don Knight1612:4032:40:05
77Brett Martin1612:4332:43:56
78James Miller1612:5032:50:09
79Lori Johnson1613:0433:04:25
80Mike Winston1613:0633:06:51
81Harry Mattison1613:0933:09:40
82Rhonda Stricklett1613:0933:09:59
83Chris Gellene1613:1233:12:23
84Jeff Pence1613:2233:22:59
85Jason Long1613:2833:28:58
86Kevin Mullen1613:3033:30:08
87Justin Peake1613:3733:37:37
88Jack Sayles1613:4233:42:08
89Will Robens1613:4933:49:15
90Eric McGlinchey1613:5233:52:24
91Robert Cawood1613:5333:53:34
92Adam Farley1613:5833:58:24
93Pascal Surprenant1614:0134:01:11
94Peter Daly1614:0134:01:54
95Kevin Cavasos1614:0334:03:04
96Kumiko Hart1614:1734:17:54
97Adam Korona1614:1834:18:32
98Michael Walcott1614:2534:25:12
99Larry Tumblin1614:2534:25:31
100Magdalena Casper-Shipp1614:2934:29:54
101Mandy Pierce1614:3034:30:20
102Roger Jensen1614:3134:31:19
103Jamie Greenawalt1614:3734:37:38
104Larry Huffman1614:3734:37:38
105Samantha Pitts-Kiefer1614:3934:39:58
106Philippe Cavatore1614:4134:41:20
107Sergey Boldyrev1614:4234:42:35
108Olivier Jacqueau1614:4334:43:10
109Levi Rizk1614:4334:43:10
110Joshua Wynn1614:5434:54:50
111Steve Bodnar1614:5934:59:03
112Roy Heger1615:0035:00:15
113John W. Taylor1615:1535:15:44
114Timmy Aquino1615:2435:24:02
115Philip Pagdanganan1615:2435:24:02
116Gregg Calhoon1615:3635:36:41
117Jeff Mandrell1615:4335:43:16
118Marvin Leventer1615:4335:43:45
119Linda Trinh1615:4635:46:06
120Ray Miraflor1615:4635:46:27
121Sirisha Golla1615:4635:46:35
122Vincent Swendsen1615:5235:52:16
123Ernesto Casarez1615:5335:53:35
124Leonard Martin1615:5735:57:26
125Debbie Daughtry1615:5835:58:04
126Tony Escobar1615:5935:59:08
127Matthew Vahey1616:0836:08:55
128Jennifer Hotchkiss1616:2936:29:04
129Khalid Miah1513:55dnf
130Pierre Lequient1403:00dnf
131Gary Knipling1410:13dnf
132Brian Brown1410:35dnf
133Tracy Cooley1410:49dnf
134Sarah Harry1412:10dnf
135Russell Dresher1200:47dnf
136Jeffery Hayes1201:01dnf
137Joan Roch1201:21dnf
138Gary Long1202:56dnf
139Gilles Poulin1204:22dnf
140Shawn Krause1204:25dnf
141Nicole Ponte1205:12dnf
142Alejandro Zapata1206:10dnf
143Brad Bansner1206:12dnf
144Thomas Chobot1207:18dnf
145Michael Johnson1207:37dnf
146James Blandford1221:48dnf
147David Peppelman1223:44dnf
148Lisa Johnston1102:19dnf
149Ryan Vandenberg1102:53dnf
150Justin Hersh1121:46dnf
151Joanne Fenninger1123:27dnf
152Mike Maher1000:01dnf
153Hompeng Komthirath1000:23dnf
154Ray Bovaird1000:26dnf
155Giles Gregory1000:58dnf
156Jayme Dubinsky1002:10dnf
157Sarah Curtis1003:05dnf
158Justin Faul1019:06dnf
159Martin Bherer1019:08dnf
160Adam Dyas1019:32dnf
161Philip Yeager1019:45dnf
162Edward Wang1020:41dnf
163Kelly Shaer1022:36dnf
164Jesse Parker1022:38dnf
165Scott Lee1022:50dnf
166Vincent Gauthier1022:51dnf
167Ryan Stuart1023:00dnf
168Adeline Ntam1023:46dnf
169Adam McGinnis1023:54dnf
170Alexandre Benoit919:39dnf
171John Correiro920:23dnf
172Andrew Arbuckle921:04dnf
173Sam Coyner921:16dnf
174K Mike Edwards921:20dnf
175Shelly Cable921:22dnf
176Charles Leonard921:22dnf
177John Hodge922:00dnf
178Cindylee Torres922:00dnf
179Joyce Fendley819:55dnf
180Judith Weber820:25dnf
181Bill Thompson716:51dnf
182Tim ODonnell610:55dnf
183Allan Holtz616:10dnf
184Bob Anderson616:15dnf
185Carole Williamson616:18dnf
186Siobhan Leonardis511:40dnf
187Sherry Meador514:03dnf
188Dan Aghdam410:34dnf
189Katie Burke310:30dnf
190Jim Ryan208:00dnf

What's the Weather Like?

Click for Luray, Virginia ForecastDon't forget the U.S. Weather Service page. It takes some getting used to, but it is very helpful.

See for Yourself     

This is for those who want to see it. During the daylight hours, you can see what the weather is. Sort of. Is it overcast, sunny, or raining?

View from the Blue Ridge: You can see a live view of the Massanutten Mountains from the Mountain View Web Cam in the Shenandoah National Park. (More about the camera.) The camera is not in the Massanuttens, but it is pointing west toward them. The most distant ridge is in West Virginia. The two ridges in front of that are the Massanuttens. If you look closely, you will see Kennedy Peak and Edinburg Gap. The start/finish is between those two landmarks. It is not visible. This camera is above 3,000 feet. The Massanuttens are 2,000 feet. Fog that the camera sees may not be replicated on the course. Explanation of the camera's image:
Web Cam Detail

MMT 2018 Live

Start: 4:00 a.m., May 19, 2018

Fort Valley Time Now
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Time Since Start
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Sunrise/set on May 19 5:58/20:22


Kathleen Cusick Finishes Her 10th MMT and has Fourth Win; Matthew Thompson Wins Male Title!

Run Info

The Updates

Monday 09:49 Initial results here.

Sunday 20:42 There were 126 official finishers. We will have full results, photos, and reports up soon.

Sunday 06:27 Kathleen Cusick's time of 24:27:24 led to her fourth straight MMT win. She has 10 consecutive finishes.

Sunday 06:20

Saturday 23:16 Matthew Thompson wins the 2018 Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 in a time of 19:07:59. This was is first MMT.

Saturday 21:45 The weather is definitely better. Matthew Thompson is roughly on the pace of last year's winner, who finished at about 11 p.m. Stay tuned!

Saturday 12:35 Weather is improving. Temp in the mid-60s. Not much rain--only minor drizzle. It is significantly brighter here now.

Saturday 09:46 Times are coming in from up to aid station four. We don't always receive them in a logical fashion.

Saturday 08:58 Pierre-Michel Arcand and Patrick Heine led the field into the first real aid station, Edinburg Gap. Kathleen Cusick was first woman. There was one drop. There are now 189 runners in the race.

Saturday 04:51 There are 190 runners in the race.

Saturday 04:23 They started in light, but steady rain. There was about an inch of rain overnight. It's 58 degrees. Will have the Did Not Start list up soon.

Here are a points you should remember:

Our Plans

We will be radio headquaters near, but not at, the finish line. We may have Internet access where we will be.

We hope to have our first update by noon on Saturday. That should confirm who has started and should have the results from the first major aid station at Edinburg Gap, 12.1 miles. Then we will try to upload as often as we can.

We have learned there is much room for error. Most of our information will be accurate. Some will not be.

If you have a question or want to understand the process better, check out the frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in the updates, let us know. Late at night, it helps to know someone is out there! You can reach us at

by Anstr Davidson

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