MMT Live - Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this data come from?
Volunteer radio operators are at most aid stations. They transmit information on the runners to the race headquarters at the Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp.
What do we know about a runner?
We only know the time that a runner arrived at an aid station. We do not know when he left the aid station or the time spent in the aid station. We do not know where the runner is, although we do know which aid stations he is between.
Is this all accurate?
No. There are several reasons for error. First, the times are being recorded using watches that have not been syncronized. Second, it is very easy to miss a runner at an aid station. There will probably be more than one situation in which we will miss a time for a runner at an aid station.
Why has there not been a recent update?
We hope that this will no longer be a problem. Previously, we did not have Internet access at the radio headquarters or at the finish line. We had to walk about 200 yards to upload data. This problem was solved in 2013. We hope that continues. If data is not being updated often, then maybe our luck turned.
How do I know if there has been an update?
We plan to update the data, i.e. the times of arrival for the runners at the aid stations, and the blog-like text entries. The blog entries will have a time on them and the most recent will be on the top. The time of the most recent data update appears under the heading "Leader Board."
Why is data missing?
We may not have radio contact with all aid stations. Additionally, we may have missed a runner at an aid station. Finally, we might not enter the data from the aid stations in order. We may, for example, receive and enter the data from aid station 5 before aid station 4.
You say my runner has dropped, but I know he didn't.
Mistakes are certainly possible, if not inevitable. We try to be accurate, but we are not always successful in that. If we erroneously list a runner as dropped, he won't be disqualified if we were wrong. If you think we are wrong, please e-mail us at We will try to look into it, though we won't be able to check e-mail very frequently.
Can I get more information?
Probably not. There isn't much more information, and we can't get more information easily. But if you want to ask, go ahead and send us an e-mail at