Section Times at the MMT 100

These are the fastest, average, and slowest times on the section before each aid for the years 2012 and 2013. (The course for 2014 was altered a bit, so it is not representative.) See comments below the table for more information. Rows in gray combine aid stations that crews can't get to.

Arrival Aid Station
No - Name - Sec Dist (mi)
#2 Edinburg Gap - 12.21:592:433:32
#3 Woodstock Tower - 8.21:171:572:38
#4 Powells Fort - 5.60:481:141:53
#5 Elizabeth Furnace - 7.51:141:532:33
Edin'g to Eliz Furn - 21.33:195:047:14
#6 Shawl Gap - 4.70:511:212:26
#7 Veach Gap - 3.10:290:441:27
#8 Indian Grave - 9.01:352:343:35
#9 Habron Gap - 3.90:300:541:41
Shawl to Habron - 21.32:344:126:43
#10 Camp Roosevelt - 9.81:593:115:00
#11 Gap Creek I - 5.81:082:083:47
#12 Visitors Center - 8.51:403:135:18
#13 Bird Knob - 3.50:411:282:42
#14 Picnic Area - 6.41:062:054:31
Vis Ctr to Picnic Area - 9.91:473:337:13
#15 Gap Creek II - 8.91:472:584:22
Finish - 6.91:091:592:58

This chart is dirived from the split times at the 2012 and 2013 MMT. We looked at the times of all runners who finished each year. No times were included for anyone who dropped out. The two years together had 277 finishing performances.

We did this at first with only the 2013 data. When we added the 2012 data, most averages didn't change at all.

We looked at each section individually. The fastest and slowest times are from several people. While each person who ran one of the slowest section times eventually finished, he or she could not have run all the slowest times. The slowest times total over 36 hours (the course time limit). Do not use the slowest times as goals for your pace!

There are constraints here. We only know the time of arrival at the aid stations. We don't know the time spent sitting in chairs, but that is included. Also, the watches from which these times were taken were not synchronized.

We list the "average" times. We also calculated the median times, but don't list them. The median times were either the same or only a few minutes different than the averages. You can assume that at the average time about half the runners have arrived.

What is the finish time for the "average" runners? The average finish time for this data set was 30:30:31. The median finish time was 31:22:45.

(The median is the middle item in a set. If there are three numbers in a set, 1, 9, and 10, the median is 9. The average (or mean) is 6.66.)