The eighth election under the VHTRC bylaws was held in December 2019. Tracy Dahl, Bob Gaylord, Keith Knipling, Tom McNulty, and Sheila Vibert were elected to the board. The new board chose Keith Knipling to serve as the VHTRC president.

Members can learn about current club issues at the members center.

The Board Members

  • Tracy Dahl: Tracy joined the board in 2018.
  • Bob Gaylord: Keith joined the board in 2018.
  • Keith Knipling: Keith joined the board in 2014.
  • Tom McNulty: Tom joined the board in 2016.
  • Sheila Vibert: Sheila joined the board in 2020.

Board Emeriti

  • Dan Aghdam: Dan joined the board in March 2016.  Dan was appointed by the board to fill a vacancy.
  • Paul Blackman--Emeritus: Paul is a long-time runner and volunteer. He has run 100+ miles several times (although the women in his life have conspired to insist he's too old for 100s), and three times as many shorter ultras. He is a regular at the club's annual trail work party. Like at least two other Board members before him, he has a Hash background. He saw his accession to the Board as similar to Richard Armour's description of Stalin's rise: "He wasn't voted into power; he didn't seize power. He simply noticed that Lenin's chair was empty and sat down." Paul is retired and lives in Arlington. Paul served one term on the board in 2010 and 2011.
  • Maria Bertacchi--Emerita: Maria was appointed to the Board in April 2007 upon the resignation of Chris Scott. Maria has a long history in the northern Virginia running community. One of her claims to fame is her work on the Cookie Runs -- low key, fun runs in the woods that often end with alcoholic beverages. While we don't hold it against her, Maria has the shame of hashing in her background. We believe that most of the arrest warrants have been quashed.
  • Mike Bur--Emeritus: Mike is a runner of the old school -- he likes long tough runs in the mountains, which is what the VHTRC is supposed to be all about. Among Mike's accomplishments is completing the Last Great Race -- six 100 milers in one year. Mike lives in Maryland and rides a motorcycle. He served on the board for two terms (beginning in 2006), the second as president.
  • Joe Clapper--Emeritus: Joe has been running trails since burning out on marathons in 1984. Since running his first ultra a year later, he fell in love with dirt, mud, and mountain views. Although wallowing in mediocrity as a racer he is known as the only founding VHTRC member never to receive a Scottie award for bad attitude. He distinguished himself as long standing class clown and former VHTRC president. Joe served on the original bored and the first board.  He rejoined the board in 2012 for one term.
  • Rob Colenso--Emeritus: Rob joined the board in 2014 for one term.
  • Anstr Davidson--Emeritus: Anstr was a member of all VHTRC boreds and boards until 2014. He came back to the board in 2016. He was a founding member of the VHTRC, maintains the club's Web site, and was the club treasurer. His running career is all behind him. Anstr lives in Arlington, Virginia where he slaves away at a very stressful retirement.
  • Ed Demoney--Emeritus: Ed was a founding member of the VHTRC. He was the first race director of the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 and designed its course. Before the VHTRC was created, Ed was the race director of the Old Dominion 100 for four years taking it to the point where, in 1988, it needed a lottery to pick a field of 125 runners. Ed's running career includes finishing the first two Old Dominion 100s in 1979 and 1980 as well as many other 100 milers in the United States. Ed is retired, though he continues a mission of public service from his home in Arlington.
  • Carolyn Gernand--Emerita: Carolyn is a long time member of the club. She is famous for doing all the long, hard runs and carrying a 7 Eleven store on her back. Carolyn doesn't get lost! Carolyn served one term on the board beginning in 2008.
  • Alan Gowen--Emeritus: Alan is an avid trail runner and noted stickler for detail. He has finished MMT and Bull Run Run several times. He created and manages the Hashawha Hills 50km, a low key run in Maryland. Alan is most noted for his lovely wife, Pam, who is also an accomplished runner though not as anal as her husband.
  • Quatro Hubbard--Emeritus: Q served two terms on the board, ending in 2011. He joined the club in 2002 and has been a very active member. He has been a major part of the volunteer efforts at several runs, particular those low-key, difficult challenges in the mountains. It is appropriate that the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club has a former board member and active member who lives in the Commonwealth's capital -- Richmond.
  • Katie Keier--Emerita: Katie joined the board in 2014 and served one term.
  • Kerry Owens--Emerita: Kerry is a low key but tough trail runner. Displaying a disconcerting lack of stress, she has finished many tough runs including several 100 milers. Kerry is noted for refusing to sit during a run on the unassailable logic that "No one ever finished a 100 miler sitting down." Kerry lives in the District of Columbia and is an attorney, though she probably wouldn't want us to say that. Actually, she is far too calm and reasonable to be a real attorney. Kerry served two terms on the Board starting in 2006.
  • Chris Scott--Emeritus: Chris was there at the conception of the VHTRC. Just about every crazy thing about the club is Chris's fault. Chris was the major creator of the Bull Run Run and was its first RD. He was the first president of the club. He wrote the club's first bylaws and was on the original "Bored." Chris was a member of the first elected Board. He has moved to California and then Vermont where he continues to put on innovative running events on dirt.
  • Alisa Springman--Emerita: Alisa joined the board in 2012 and served two terms. She is an active member of the club and an accomplished runner.  Among her accomplishments are three finishes of Badwater.