VHTRC Awards

The VHTRC gives several awards to recognize achievement by its members. Here are the categories and procedures for these awards that will cover 2017.


  • December 25, 2017–Jan 1, 2018: Nominations accepted.
  • January 15–22, 2018: Online voting open.
  • February 3, 2017: The Awards Party

Award Period

The awards cover accomplishments from January 1 through December 31, 2017.


To be eligible for any VHTRC award, except for Rookie of the Year, a person must have been a club member for the entire year covered by the award. For the Rookie of the Year award, a person must have first joined the club after July 1 of the year before the award year and before July 1 of the year in question. (That means that to be eligible for the 2017 Rookie of the Year Award, a person must have joined the club after July 1, 2016 and before July 1, 2017.)


Any member of the VHTRC may make nominations. Nominations will accepted through this Google form, which accepts input for all of the award categories at once. This means that you may want to prepare your submission ahead of time by gathering your nomnees and their qualifications. You may also revise your submission by submitting it a second (or third…) time — only your last submission will be counted.  So if you mess up the first time, no worries. You can also abort your submission at any time before hitting the submit button. You will receive an email confirmation upon succesful submission of your nominations — if you don't get this email your submission did not go through. If you're unsure, email Keith Knipling

For the merit-based "performance" awards, nominators are strongly encouraged to list at least three race results or references to race results, participation, etc. While such justifications are not strictly required, they go a long way to refreshing the memory of the voters regarding accomplishments over the last year. We may also contact nominees to help us in setting out their accomplishments that voters should consider.

You may nominate yourself. Or ask a friend to nominate you. We encourage this, especially if your accomplishments are ones of which local club members might be largely unaware (e.g., events outside the VA-MD-DC-area or events in which few club members would have participated). We want club members to know what other members have done and to consider their accomplishments. If you do not nominate yourself and you do not get nominated, please do not complain!

Multiple Nominations

You may nominate only one person for each award. We also reserve the right to ignore any nomination that is likely to be in poor taste. Nominating some people for “Runner of the Year” would be mean.

Club members may nominate one person for multiple awards, but a member may only receive one performanace-based award. The awards committee will determine the final category that each nominee will be in for the membership vote. A club member may go to the voters in only one performance-based category.

We may change the category of a nomination or even disallow a nomination. We may cancel categories that do not receive sufficient nominations. Any change in a nomination must be approved by the VHTRC president, and the appropriate nominator will be notified.

To assist in the award process, we now have a list of prior award recipients. Thanks to Quatro Hubbard for making this list.

Nominations for the James Moore Award should go to James.

Those submitting performance-based nominations may want to consult either Real Endurance or UltraSignup site for background information on potential nominees.

General Comment

While organized events are obvious tests of ability and count heavily, any run may be considered.

Performance Awards

Furbutt Award: The Furbutt award is all about participation in club events as a runner and a volunteer. This award recognizes two runners — one male and one female member of the VHTRC who showed up at just about every club run and participated by running in a determined manner, to the very best of his or her ability. This person tries really hard. This award would be performance oriented. But whereas the recipients would run most of our club events, and would finish the events they entered, including MMT or BRR, he or she would not run all club events. He or she would occasionally volunteer. This is the award for the person who is really engaged in the VHTRC and supports the club by running well and volunteering in all our runs and events.

Voters should consider whether a candidate has already been honored by prior receipt of the Furbutt award, but in no case may a person be nominated for this award in the year after he or she has won it.

Runners of the Year: Recognizes two runners — one male and one female member of the VHTRC — who have demonstrated consistently outstanding performances in trail runs during the past year. Nominees for this award may be considered not only for their speed but also for their versatility and consistency as well as their support and representation of the club while performing at this high level over the year.

Performances of the Year: Recognizes one male and one female member of the VHTRC for the most outstanding performance of the year in a trail run. “Outstanding” is considered in terms of course difficulty and weather conditions as well as the age, gender, and ability of the runner. In other words, this is a relative, not an absolute, test.

Most Improved: Recognizes one male and one female member of the VHTRC whose performances in trail running in the past year have significantly improved.

Rookie of the Year: Recognizes the male OR female member of the VHTRC who, in his or her first year of trail running has demonstrated mental toughness and persistence as well as ability.

Other Awards

Ambassador: Given to the VHTRC Ambassador of the Year. You figure out the criteria.

Best Photo: Best photo of a VHTRC run or of a VHTRC member at any run. The photo must be submitted in digital format and taken by a VHTRC member who authorizes its use in the contest. (If we receive enough submissions, we may make categories. If we do not receive enough submissions, we may cancel the category.)

James Moore Award: This award is decided by the former recipients of the award. If you have a nominee, contact James Moore or any of the award’s prior recipients directly.

Prior Awards

Here is a list of the prior VHTRC awards.

Now, get going!

Nominations will accepted through this Google form from December 25, 2017–Jan 1, 2018.