Procedures for VHTRC Election of Board Members

The VHTRC Board adopted the following procedures for the election of the board members whose terms start on January 1, 2014.

These procedures differ from previous versions. Members considering running for the board may know who else might run and whether they will have the public support of the board before their official candidacy is public.

1. Commissioner of Elections: The election will be supervised by a responsible person who is not running for the Board. That person reports to the Board. The Commissioner of Elections for this year is Anstr Davidson, a current Board member who is not running for re-election. You can contact him by e-mail.

2. Candidates: Starting on October 1, potential candidates should contact the Commissioner and indicate their interest.  Informal discussion is encouraged at this point.  (Those interested in serving on the board are also encouraged to discuss the matter with any current board member.  To be an official candidate, however, the member must contact the Commissioner.)

A potential candidate should contact the Commissioner as early as possible, but may wait until October 20 to confirm whether he or she will be an official candidate. 

Candidates must state that they will have been a VHTRC member for two years as of January 1, 2014. The Commissioner will resolve all eligibility issues.

3. Nominations: To be a candidate, a member must be nominated by two other members.  Potential candidates should arrange to have their nominators e-mail the required nominations to the Commissioner. The e-mail need only say "I nominate Joe Blow to be a member of the VHTRC board of directors." or words to that effect.

Nominations are ineffective for any person who does not declare his or her candidacy. Candidates cannot be drafted and will not be placed on the ballot unless they have declared their candidacy.

We will not list the names of nominators on the Web site, but the Commissioner will identify the nominators for any member on his or her request.  In other words, the nominators are not a secret but will not be publicized.

Here are the requirements from the bylaws on nominators:

"Candidates: All candidates for any elective office must be nominated by two other members of the Club to whom they are not related by blood or marriage or with whom they do not reside. Any one member may not nominate more persons than there are vacant offices in the election."

4. List of Eligible Candidates: The commissioner will make an official list of candiates. That list will not be made public before November 4.

Any member showing a serious interest in running may know the identities of other individuals who have shown a serious interest.  

A candidate may withdraw his candidacy at anytime before voting starts.

The Commissioner may communicate with candidates informally as to the status of their nominations.

5. Closing of Candidate Period: The candidate declaration period closes at the end of October 20.  Nominations should be in by that day, but may come in on October 21.

6. Recommendations by the Board: The entire club membership is encouraged to vote. However many club members seldom participate in club functions, and so may not be familiar with some candidates. Therefore, the Board may make recommendations of candidates to the membership from among those who express interest.  The Board will determine whether to make recommendations when it is clear who the potential candidates are.  The Board will notify all potential candidates of any recommendations before all candidates must confirm their status.  The Board will make no recommendation regarding a current Board member seeking reelection.

7. Campaign Period: Starting November 5, candidates may put a campaign statement on the Web site. Candidates may change their statements through November 13. Other than the candidate him or herself, only the Commissioner may edit a campaign statement and then only for obviously inappropriate language.

8. The Election: The election period will start on November 18. The election period will continue for one week, ending at 9 p.m. on November 25. Members will vote on the VHTRC Web site in a manner that insures the confidentially of their votes.  The mechanics of the election are explained on the ballot.

At the end of the election period, the Commissioner will notify all candidates of the results and put those results on the Web site. For public purposes, the Web site will list only the top five candidates.  Any candidate, winning or losing, may find out his vote and how it compared with others if he or she wants.

9. Voter Eligibility: All members of the VHTRC as of October 1, 2013, are eligible to vote.


  • Oct 1: Candidacy declaration period opens
  • Oct 20: Candidacy declaration period closes
  • Oct 21: Nominations (two per candidate) are due
  • Oct 31: Board makes endorcements known to candidates
  • Nov 3: All candidates confirm whether they are running
  • Nov 4: Official list of candidates made public
  • Nov 5-13: Candidate statements may be made and updated
  • Nov 14 - 25: Election