User Login -- Help and FAQs

To receive the full benefits of VHTRC membership, you need to be logged into your account on the Web site.  Only then can you see other member address information, birthdays, play the football game, or renew your membership.  Below are some frequently asked questions.

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  • How do I login to the Web site?
    Go to the bottom of the left column of almost any page in the club section of the site and look for "User login."
  • What is my "Username"?
    Your username is important!  Get this right!
    Your Username should be your name. Example: "Joe Blow" Some of you, however, insist on Usernames like, "dorkinarlington69."  To find your Username, go to My account (link at bottom of left column). You will see both your Name and your Username.  For most of you, they will be the same.
  • How can I get my Username if I am not logged in?
    If you don't know your Username, you can't login to get your Username. You need to use the Request new password function (see next).
  • I forgot my password or my Username. What do I do? [Request new password]
    At the lower left column of any page, you will see a link, Request new password. Click it. You will get a screen with a box to enter either your Username or the e-mail address we have on file for you. Enter one.  (If you don't know either your Username or e-mail address, you are totally screwed.  Contact the VHTRC help desk. See below.)
    The system will send you an e-mail with a link, not a password.  When you take that link, you will be logged into your site.  You don't have to enter a password, but if you don't know your password, you need to change it. To change your password, go to My account and then the Edit tab. You will see a blank box for your password. Enter a password and then reenter it and SAVE at the bottom of the page.
  • It says my password is insecure. What do I do?
    When you make a new password, the system's password Nazi will check you. If you try a password like "password," it will chide you.  You can, however, use "password" as your password if you want to.  You can ignore the warnings.  (You can't ignore the warning that you did not enter your password the same time twice.)
  • I know my Username and password but still can't login. What do I do?
    Check the usual things. Be sure caps lock is not on.  Your Username can have a space. (If it's "Joe Blow," you can enter the space.) Be sure no information is already in the Username and password fields that could be wrong. Be sure you are using the right username.  See above. It is not your e-mail address.
  • I can't login even with my new password.  What is wrong?
    We have had a small number of people who say that when they change their password, they can't use the new password to log back in.  We can't replicate this problem.  We don't know what is happening. If this happens to you, please let us know. Be sure you are using the right username.  See above. It is not your e-mail address.
  • Is there a VHTRC Help Desk?
    Yes!  We have a help desk. It uses the standard IT problem solving steps. Those are:
    1. Deny the problem:  "The network is up. We are not aware of any problem."
    2. Blame the user: "You are obviously doing something wrong. Is the cap lock key on? Is your PC plugged in?"
    3. Reboot:  "Reboot your computer. While you are at it, reinstall Windows. Be sure to back up everything first.  That should take all afternoon. We will be long gone by then because we come in at 6 a.m. so we get get back on I-95 early even though no one is here at 6 and we have nothing to do."
    4. Address the Apple problem:  "But I have a MAC. You don't have to reboot a MAC."  "We don't support MACs. We only know operating systems that crash, have viruses, and take forever to boot up.  Who allowed you to have a MAC?  I am reporting you."
    5. Close the ticket: "If rebooting didn't solve it or you have a MAC, we can't help you. We are closing your ticket." (The Help Desk person usually doesn't tell you that your ticket will be closed. You get an automated e-mail telling you this -- if your computer works enough to receive e-mail.)
    6. Fix the problem: ["Oh, darn. I forgot to set the user permissions when I updated the server's operating system."]
    7. Don't tell the user you fixed the problem: He has no need to know this, plus it shows weakness.
    8. Go get coffee: Next morning, the user logs on fine - until Windows crashes, that is.