The Ring

The Ring started at 7 am this morning. Only two entrants didn't show - Mike Mason and Ernesto Casarez. There are 30 runners out there. will set up its headquarters at Powells Fort.  Unfortunately, there will be no coverage there. Anyone with news can post it here as a comment to this story.  Ring Web page


I just returned from helping out at Moreland Gap. This is what I know for sure: it was a tough day out there, and there were many drops due to cramping, nausea, heat-related bonking and general apathy about continuing on. Sean Andrish and Keith Knipling left Edinburg Gap together looking strong as the lead men, and Matri Kovener left Moreland Gap with Zsuzsanna Carleton as lead women. While I was at Moreland, there was a stream of cars coming in carrying runners who decided it was time to hang out and chill instead of wrestling with the MMT rocks. Among them: Michele Harmon, Joe Clapper, Keith Moore,Tom Corris, John Cassilly, Dave Quivey, Mike Bailey. Wendy and Phil did a fabulous job as AS chiefs and of course Q and Bur were everywhere attempting to meet the runners.

Thirteen runners got to Powells (last aid station - 63 miles) before it shut down. (There were two other runners who had their own support and continued after the normal aid station shutdown. They may have gotten to Powells also.)  Keith and Sean were "leading," though they looked like all the other runners who got that far -- not in bad shape but definitely not "racing."  It was a pleasant evening to be in the woods. Thanks to Gary for the company. (Gary was drowning his sorrows at the loss by his Hokies in Atlanta.)

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