Donut Run

Distance: 10-15 miles
Sunday, February 17, 2019

Meeting Place: Hemlock Overlook Regional Park
Start Time: 
8:00 am

Time for another Donut Run!  Carrie Drummond, Gary Knipling and I are planning to do a 10 mile (+/-) out and back run from Hemlock north on the Bull Run Occoquan trail on Sunday morning February 17.  We plan to turn around at the location of the BRR's Centreville aid station in order to get in roughly 10, but others who may want to come out are free to keep going on the BROT to cover a few more miles by turning around after reaching the trail's termination in Manassas Regional Park (that would make for a 15+ mile run).  No aid planned; the trail is easy to follow, so no need for the group to stay together if others feel the need for speed . . .  Several incentives for us to run this particular stretch of the BROT: We rarely do the northern end, so it is a good change of pace from the standard issue Fountainhead to Marina fare.   It is flatter and that much more runnable than the southern end. We were part of a group that was out in the middle of this section of the BROT doing trailwork last month, and we are interested in seeing those improvements in action. While doing that trailwork, an iron bar was lost alongside the trail in the leaves.  It would be fun to find it and return it to the BROT trailboss, Robert Fina.   Meet up is at the pull off gravel lot next to the Hemlock entrance gate (the location is precisely indicated in the Run Web Page link below), and in time to get an 8 AM start.  We plan to run through the Hemlock campus and down the hill to the trail at the Popes Head Creek crossing. Pre-run treats from area donut shops will surely be available to fuel you up - feel free to bring your own pre- and post-run treats as well!  Come And Get Some!

For more information, consult the Run Web page or e-mail the run leader, Quatro Hubbard.

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