A Wet Potomac Heritage 50km - Results Available

The weather was not that bad at the Potomac Heritage 50km. Yes, there was rain, but it wasn't too hard. Also, it was not too cold. But the streams were high and the mud on the trail got a bit squishy.


Kerry's report and results are now available.


The event was great as usual. A well-marked course and great aid stations. The post race festivities were up to the usual high standard of our hostess, Kerry.


A big thank you to Kerry and all of her volunteers!


Report and Results | PHT Web Page


As someone said, "Timing is the difference between salad and garbage."  On Tuesday morning, the crossing of Pimmit Run was much different than it was on Sunday. You could have done it with dry feet, but you still needed good balance.


It is difficult to overstate what a great event this is. You have the beauty of the Potomac Heritage Trail, the short drive to get to the start, and Kerry's hospitality. What is there not to like?  Ok, just a little rain.