Probst Shines at JFK

Frank Probst won his age group with a great time at the JFK 50 miler held on November 21 in Washington County, Maryland. Annette Bednosky was third woman and first in her age group. This was Frank's 20th JFK finish. Ed Demoney finished at age 75. The weather was great for running and the trail was in good shape. One interesting side light of the event was the Scott Jurek was "chicked" by the winning woman's course record. The Navy Team beat the West Point Team.  Results | JFK Web site | A few photos on Flickr


I met Frank 10 years ago and he looks younger now and his

times seem to stay the same--there  are eerie similarities to Frank and the characters in the new tv show "V"--just a heads up--way to go young man!!


If you are interested in reading about what goes on in the mind of the leading woman about to break the JFK course record, check out Devon Crosby-Helms report of the JFK win. In it, she mentions how pacing at MMT prepared her for the AT section, what kind of perks the lead female runner gets (a bike pacer!), and how her coach told her to go pick off some "crybaby boys."

One thing that I think is cool---she broke Anne's CR by 21 seconds, with a sprint finish.