No One Finishes the Reverse Ring - Surprise!

Quatro called from Moreland Gap at about 7:30 p.m.  There have been more drops. It seems that the leaders get tired of breaking snow and fall off. At this point, there are six running. Jim Harris, despite having consumed copius amounts of Knob Creek last night (and early this morning), is leading.  Deb and Steve Pero are behind him and then come Zsuzsanna Carlson and Paul Crickard.  All were through Moreland. Caroline Williams was about two miles out of Moreland. 


Short Mountain was brutal. Keith Knipling took three hours to do it. One person described it as like running in sand. Actually, the weather was a bit too good. It got warm, the snow got soft, and the running got difficult.


It will be a long night!


Ed Demoney's previous report:


"I left Edinburg Gap about 3:30 p.m. and everyone had been through by then.  It is very slow going this year due to the snow on the north and west faces of Massanutten Mountain.  But there are some very determined runners out there.  There were 14 starters.  Dobies, Andrish, Rose and Gernand are DNFs with Vicki Kendall and Barb Isom planning on stopping at Morland Gap.  Keith Knipling was leading with Tom Corris second.  Steve and Deb Pero along with Jim Harris were the next group followed by Zsuzsanna Carlson and Paul Crickard.  Caroline Williams was last with crew support from Leonard Martin.  It is going to be a tough night with darkness coming much earlier than normal."


According to Quattro's report, we have an early favorite for the 2010 "Stupid Award": Jim Harris for consuming "copius amounts of Knob Creek last night (and early this morning)" before starting the Reverse Ring. Congratulations and condolences to all you brave soul who attempted that crazy run! 

At Edinburg Gap, Keith said “no one is going to finish” after being prodded by Mike Bur to continue on to Moreland. Tom Corris came through about 30 minutes later and when told what Keith has said, exclaimed “did Keith really say that?” Tom was then told by volunteers that this sounded like a challenge (from Keith). Tom’s next comments could not be repeated here. Photos here.


 Maybe the whole field should be nominated.  Running the Reverse Ring is hard enough under the best of conditions.  Any sane person would have known that running through deep snow would be next to impossible.

Hmmm... "any sane person"..... I guess that says it all.  But we kept thinking.. "it's going to get better".  It never did.

I've got a tiny bit of mild frostbite on some toes.  I think I won't go running in more snow today.

We'll have our photos and videos up by tonight most likely. More snow here today in frozen New Hampshire.