Neal Gorman 13th at Western States

Neal was the first VHTRC finisher at the Western States 100 in California. Scott Mills finished his 15th Western States--all of them under 24 hours.  Other VHTRC finishers included Derrick Carr, Annette Bednosky, Dave Snipes, Patrick McGlade, Alisa Springman, Mike Broderick, and Ed Cacciapaglia.  All these results come from the excellent Western States live site.


It was a snow year, so the course was altered and probably ran a little faster than it would have if we had run Lyon Ridge and Red Star Ridge instead going on what is the actual Western States Trail. I'm sure Geoff Roes and Anton Trupicka would have dusted Jurek's old record on the normal course though maybe by a few minutes less. MMT winner Dan Barger was 10th in 17:36. Neal Gorman's time was 18:14, a great start for the Slam. MMT veteran Todd Walker came in 1 place and less than 1 minute in front of Annette Bednosky at 20:42.


I had the most fun on the course on the back side of Emigrant Pass, where the trail was mostly snow covered and it was a lot like mogul skiing without skis. Annette told me she had fun in the snow, too. I saw Sniper slogging his way through this section.


Jean Richards gave it a great effort getting timed out at 70 miles despite having a sour stomach. 


We had good temperatures on Saturday, but Sunday morning was a different story as it was 100 degrees in Auburn by noon. I believe 328 made it a record number of finishers with 123 under 24 hours, another record.


Every 100 mile ultrarunner should try to do this race at least once - both to enjoy the course and to experience the "history". Yes there is hype, but I didn't feel overwhelmed by the hype.


Happy Trails.