Grindstone 100

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As you can see from the results, the VHTRC was well-represented at Grindstone. I had the pleasure of running the last 10 miles or so with Jack Kurisky--despite what the results indicate, we ran it in together---Jack stepped back to allow my family the be part of my finish. Thanks, Jack! Michele Harmon was my incredibly supportive and positive pacer and she taught me how to run the scree down Ellliott's Knob, gleaned from her pacing Joe at Hardrock. Marlin Yoder was my awesome crew and kept me from having any stomach problems--a first for me in a 100 miler. Others out on the course crewing or pacing included Quatro (paced Dave Yeakel and crewed for Gary and Dave); Amy Sproston and Mitchell Goodman (crew for Mike Mason), Team Bobby Gill (including Mike Broderick, Kristine Davis and Jen Jacobs---I think :-), Anita Finkle (crewing Jay), John Kurisky and Jack's son (crewing for Jack). I know I have forgotten/overlooked someone, so please add your additions. I have a ton of photos which I will post links to soon. It was an incredible day and night to be out in the mountains with the harvest moon lighting our way across the top of Little Bald and Hankey. Special congratulations to Mark McKennett, who finished his first 100 in just under the cut-off in 37:52!!