Member Look Up

Use this form to look up information about a member -- home address, telephone, etc.

You may not use this information for any commercial purpose or disclose it to anyone who is not a member of the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club. This process records the IP address of your computer and the name of the member whose information you request.

See also: Public Membership Roster.

Enter First or Last Name or Both

If you enter first and last names, you get only people who match both. So "B Smith" will match "Bill Smith" but not "Sam Smith." Just entering "Smith" will match both Bill and Sam. It will also match Fred Smithsonian. Scroll down for results


Search returns a list from which you pick the record to view. List will be the first and last name of each member who matches the search terms. To add each member's city, state, and day and month of birth, check below:
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