Membership Renewal

VHTRC memberships end on December 31 of the year of expiration. We delete those who have not renewed on March 1. Don't know if you need to renew? Check out the roster. If you don't want to renew, you need do nothing. We will remove your name on March 1.


To renew, go to the membership renewal page. You will need the ID and password which, of course, you have forgotten. You can have the ID/password e-mailed to you. If you volunteered at either BRR, MMT, or the WHM in 2010, note the opportunity to renew without paying dues.

What's with all these passwords?

We have a rather confused situation right now. We hope to fix it soon. But until we do, here is what is going on. There are two separate, but related concepts--membership in the club and having an account on the VHTRC Web site.


To join the club, you must go to the membership application page and pay the membership fee. Once you are a member of the club, your name is placed on the roster and you are given the ID and password to get to the Members Only section of the Web site. This section has members addresses, phone numbers, etc. for all members. The ID/password to get there is the same for all members.  This is all on the older section of the site.


We recently upgraded the site with a new, interactive News page.  Members may obtain an account on this News section of the site. If they do, they have their own ID and password that is different from the ID/password for the Members Only section.  The ID for the Web site must by your first and last name with a space in between and initial capitallized.  Your password can be whatever you want.  Not all members have accounts on the site.  To get a Web site account, you must be a member of the club first.


The result is that many of you have two ID/password combinations to remember. That, of course, sucks. Our goal is to integrate the membership process on to the new News page so that members will need only one ID/password. We are not sure when this will happen.


In the meantime, we ask for your patience.  If you have any question, feel free to contact Anstr.