Swag Committee

SWAG.  What does SWAG mean anyway? 

"A bundle; the package or roll containing the possessions of a swagman who is a seller of low-priced trashy goods, trinkets, etc." And a swag-shop, for the sale of such things, was, "formerly, a plunder-depot” presumably because, swag used to mean, "Goods or property obtained by forcible or illicit means."  SWAG evidently also stands for, Something We All Get. 

OK.  Now somebody is probably wondering about SHWAG.  I won’t even attempt to figure that one out.  All I know is that we runners seem love our plunder.  Or SWAG.  Or SHWAG.  Or whatever.

One of the many great benefits of belonging to the VHTRC is that we can all be proud of the cool swag that is available for club members, and as part of our events, but did you ever wonder where all this cool stuff comes from?

Well, I don’t know for sure where it used to come from, but a few years ago a small but  dedicated group within the club got together to form the Swag Committee, and was responsible for most of us getting some pretty cool “official” VHTRC swag. 

More recently the newest iteration of the VHTRC Swag Committee has been the driving force in selecting, designing, and procuring the cool stuff members are able to purchase, as well as some of the swag you and others receive when participating in some of our events. 

The Bored finally got around to defining the Swag Committee’s mission and that can be found here if you’re interested. Swag Committee Policy  But the short version is that the Swag Committee has the responsibility for the design, selection, and procurement of items such as club shirts and other club swag.  The Swag Committee is also always on standby, ready to help our race directors, if asked, with swag for their events.

Keith Knipling is “The Person in Charge” of the Swag Committee.  Quatro Hubbard is the “Board Member Involved,” and the other dedicated folks sharing the work are Pam Gowen, Bobby Gill, Laura Bur and Mel Saraniero.  What has the Swag Committee done lately?  How about those instant collector’s item hats that were given out at The Eagle Run?  Additionally, the committee has been working with Anstr on the selection and purchase of entrants and finishers shirts for the Bull Run Run, and also they are currently working on a design for a new club decal

The Swag Committee.  Members involved in their club, giving of their time and energy, helping to make the VHTRC the kind of club that you and I want to belong to.

If you have any concerns, comments, or input, concerning club swag, or the Swag Committee, grab one of the committee members next time you see them or shoot them an email.

And as always, if you have any concerns, comments, or input concerning this or anything else about the club, please, just let me know.


Happy Trails!