Reverse Ring 2011

In perfect running weather and on dry trails, Dan Rose broke Keith Knipling's 2009 Reverse Ring record by one minute in 14:57. Zsuzsanna Carlson was the first woman to finish in 24:30. Of 17 starters, ten finished, five of them being first-time Reverse Ring finishers (a.k.a. new Masters of The Ring).


Photos: Jim Harris | Zsuzsanna Carlson | Mike Bur
Reports: Kim Love-Ottobre | Dan Rose (on his blog)



Hilarious stuff guys! ALMOST made me wish I'd been there ...

How did three people manage to stop at 43 miles?  That is smack in the middle of the section between Crisman Hollow Road crossing and Camp Roosevelt, which, in terms of access, translates into the middle of nowhere.