Andiamo Co-Director Needed

I am still willing to remain a co-director, but Joe M. has finally admitted that he is having way too much fun in retirement to be driving up to Northern VA.  So his co-director spot is open.  Why two directors?  That’s easy.  It is because I like to run Andiamo myself.  And you can, too, if you want to do so.


The co-director concept is that we can take turns running one year and staffing the start and finish lines the next:  the start and finish are really the only event-day jobs that need an “official.”  The only other tasks are sending the request for a permit to the NVRPA, processing the entries, and arranging a bit of aid station coverage and supplies.


Since Anstr gave up the directorship, I have been doing the permit bit and collecting the entries and until last year Joe was organizing the aid.  Last year, in Joe’s absence, several other sterling club members volunteered to help me out with the aid and to do the finish line so I could run.  I am very grateful to them.  I have (finally) submitted a race report memorializing their names.  Which brings up another point:  in terms of “credentials”, if someone is better at getting around to writing the run report than I am, that would obviously be a tremendous plus, as I am lousy at that.  I ordered a ton of patches and also pins, so that chore is done for many years to come.  I also plan to get the all-time list completed and posted this year.  I finally found, on someone’s blog, the run results for the one pre-Internet year for which we did not have the hard-copy.  So this should be do-able!  All it takes is sitting down and doing it.


The run is traditionally on the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend (October 8, this year), since “Andiamo” means “Let’s go!” in Italian.  So, before opting in for this position, you will want to review the run calendar to see if one of the other events traditionally on that weekend is on your “cannot miss” list.  If you are interested in helping sustain the Andiamo event, please send me an email: