VHTRC Board - Hail and Farewell

We want to thank Quatro Hubbard and Paul Blackman for their service to the club as members of the VHTRC board.  Quatro served two terms on the board. He had several important roles, some of which he will continue, we hope.  Paul stepped forward to serve on the board when no one else would. He was very helpful in the board's work.  We know that Quatro and Paul will continue to serve the club. Thanks for all they have done.

We welcome Alisa Springman and Joe Clapper to the board.  Alisa is both an active member of the club and an accomplished runner. We expect her to bring a new perspective to the board and address the testosterone poisoning in the prior board.  Joe is coming back to the board. He was on the original bored the first board.  He was, for many years, the president of the club.

Thanks to all who have and will serve the club in this important role!