Volunteer Recognition and Summer Party

2fer one.  Or should that be 2-For One?  Or Two-For One?  I clearly don't know, and it really doesn't matter how we define our annual summer party.  It's a two for one party and all that matters is that we get together and have a great time, all the while wearing two different party hats.

This is the VHTRC Summer Party.  Come and have a good time.  This is the VHTRC Summer Party.  Come and thank all our volunteers.  And if you have volunteered at one of our functions, then come and receive the recognition we owe you.

The summer Party is a chance to hang with other club members in a little bit more grown up atmosphere than what usually breaks out at the end of a trail run somewhere in the mountains.  We have 507 members and I'm pretty sure that none of us know who everyone is.  If you're like me you get to know plenty of folks who run a similar pace to you, but you never get to know those who are always running light years ahead of you.  This party is a chance to solve that little problem.  It's the perfect time for new members to get to know a broader cross section of the club, and it's also a great time to just have a great time.  It's a party for Pete's sake!

This is also the time when we personally invite everyone who has volunteered at one of our events to come and receive the recognition they deserve while joining in the party fun.  This is the time we thank our volunteers for all the time and effort they have given so graciously.

You're running MMT.  You finally come into Gap Creek I aid station.  You're out of water and you need to change your shoes and it is the middle of the night and it is dark and cold and you are hungry and it's raining and...there is no one there?  We couldn't do what it is we love to do without our volunteers.  This party is our chance to recognize and personally thank those who have helped make our trail foolishness possible.

You don't need to bring anything.  If you are a VHTRC member or have volunteered at one of our runs or events, then you are invited.  The party is free and Joe and Michelle have once again volunteered to host us at their home.  If you want to come, please RSVP.  All the information is on the Party Page.

If you have any thoughts about the summer party, or anything else for that matter, I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Trails!