We Need a New Treasurer

To the VHTRC Board and VHTRC Members from Anstr Davidson:

We need a new treasurer.  I will resign as the club's treasurer effective December 31, 2012.

I have been the VHTRC treasurer at least since 1994.  The job has grown.  When I first took over the duties from Ed Demoney, my goal was to keep $1,000 in our bank account so we would not incur a fee.  I have been successful at that.  (We did have a couple of fees for depositing too many checks in one month.  Before the days of PayPal, we had to space the MMT and BRR entry fees out over the months to avoid a fee.  Now it's not a problem.)

Back then, dues were $10. Entry (early) to MMT was $95.  To BRR was it $65.

The club now has over $20,000 in its bank account and our yearly gross income is approaching $100k.  The combined gross receipts for the entire time I have been treasurer are approaching $1 million.  Being the VHTRC treasurer is now much more than being treasurer of the junior class. 

The main goal of the treasurer is not to mess up.  While everyone else is drinking beer, you are the one who has to talk to the cop who knocks at the door.  (You can drink beer after he leaves.)

In many ways, I enjoy being treasurer. Generally it's not hard. It has its days however. For example, when you have to make and mail 15 MMT aid station checks.  But it is time for me to move on.  As readers of the VHTRC Web site know, I am prone to error. My error rate is not getting better with age. Treasurer is not a job for those prone to error. 

I intend to cease being the club's treasurer effective December 31, 2012.  I will handle the job for the rest of this calendar year, and then give it to someone else.  (I will prepare the club's tax return for 2012 next spring using my data.  I won't make the new person do that.)  I will be happy to help and advise, but someone younger needs to take over.

I would hope that the board can approve a new treasurer soon so that the two of us can work together on the transition.  The new treasurer, for example, probably doesn't want to continue keeping the club finances in Quicken. I would be happy to help in an upgrade to a different financial package. Also, I hope to prepare a way for those seeking payment to record their requests on line to give the treasurer a TO DO list and to serve as a record of expenses incurred.

If anyone is interested in the job, he or she is welcome to contact me to talk about it.  The board will pick the treasurer, but I will be happy to give you my view of the matter. 

The new treasurer has to have the same split personality that the club as a whole has. The VHTRC is both happy-go-lucky and anal at the same time. We have fun, but we are organized and conscientious.   The treasurer needs to do the job carefully, but not be a pain. 

There is one big advantage to the job.  Without an election, you can be in the center of everything.  If you are not on the board, you don't get a vote, but you are in the room and have the data to make your case.  This job is an excellent way to serve the club and participate in its future.


Job Description for the Treasurer