Redeye 50km - Report 2013

The 17th Redeye 50K run/walk took place on Tuesday January 1st, 2013. We continued to “luck out” with the weather as seems to have happened for the Redeyes for several years.  Conditions were almost ideal for running with cloudy temps in the mid-40’s, and with predicted showers staying away. A total of 90 runners did at least a portion of one loop of the three-loop course, and less than a handful of those were stragglers from the 8:00 AM start from Pine Grove picnic area in Prince William Forest Park.

Of the 21 runners completing the entire distance, John Anderson was the first male and Lauren Jefferson was the first lady to finish. The course for the Redeye has been the same for the past four years, so many runners know it well. Johanna Lockner and Bruce Tweedie helped with placing blue ribbons at confusing places along the 9.82 mile loop the day before, but a few runners still made it a true trail run by getting off course here and there. Anstr did his magic with the sign in registration on the Web site again and provided the list of runners and columns for their own time entries for loops finished. I have tried to decipher those for results to follow.

The only aid provided at the S/F was water.  The selection and diversity of food and beverage was by random whims of the participants. It is amazing how well it works out every year. An ongoing thank you goes out to the Team Slug gang who originated the Redeye in 1997 and have allowed me and others to keep it going. And, a thank you goes to the participants who continue to bring good stuff to share. Also, special appreciation goes to Judy Holden who volunteered to take down the ribbons on her third loop. Although she claimed it was to assure her not getting off course, even for the 3rd loop, it was a big help to all of us.

Before listing the results, here are some observations and comments that were made:

Bruce was asked to guide the pack of runners on the initial unmarked red-blazed trail to add enough distance to get 31 miles total. He took this assignment on as a “rabbit” and pushed hard in this section (my bad). He had a good fast run and almost left everyone in the dust. I feared many lost runners, but enough knew the loop to keep the pack together to the bridge crossing to start the official loops.

Dan Aghdam (aka Avis) claimed the Colenso Award for 2013, being the most-hungover runner of the day. Rob established this Award in 2012 by his lingering condition, yet commendable attempt to run.

At the RedeyeMany homemade treats were presented by runners, but a few need recognition. Toni’s  chocolate-almond bacon is now an asked-for aid station delight. Gina’s crab-venison-bean dip was a big hit this year, only lasting through part of the 2nd loop. Craig’s spicy, tangy, fortified tomato juice was very popular especially for those declaring they were done (running) for the day.

Stephanie Wilson proved, once again, her toughness by running all day in shorts and short sleeves. She is a “regular” for completing all 3 loops at the Redeye, and hopefully she can remain injury-free for the remainder of the year.

A hiker was seen (and reported) to be walking on the Burma Road part of the loop brandishing a firearm holstered on his hip. No shots were heard or reported.

John Stacy added a very nice touch to the aid station by bringing his propane stove and heating wares and unlimited cans of Progresso soups. Stephanie took over kitchen duties after completing her 2nd loop to the benefit of many runners. Thank you John & Stephanie.

The 5-gallon water jugs only contained water. Runners did very well preparing their own gatorade by adding the powder to their liking. No left over gatorade and no sticky, messy jugs. Thank you !

It must have been a slow day in the Park because we had three visits from Ranger Ken at the S/F. I believe we got in good PR with the Park because of vey good behavior of all participants by cars parked properly, stealth use of solo cups, and obvious attempts to leave the Park cleaner than we found it. Thank you all.

The Holdaway family had the most entrants again this year with dad, Jeff, and sons Chris and Matt. This trio logged in more than 80 miles of Redeye trails on Tuesday.

Word of the Redeye is traveling ultra distances as indicated by such three-loop newbies as Jeff from Roanoke, Lauren from Harrisonburg, and Tom from Kilmarnock.  Welcome to All.

Redeye Results  -  50K  (pretty accurate ?)

John Anderson             4:59
Jeff Holdaway               5:29
Lauren Jefferson           5:54
Chris Robbins                6:01
Stephanie Wilson           6:20
Brenden Lingg                6:20 
Tom Hendell                   6:25
Jeff Puuri                        6:31
Mark Kahler                   6:44
Chris Holdaway             6:45
Larry Huffman                6:56
John Stacy                     7:01
Tracy Dahl                    7:10
Keith Knipling                7:10
Judy Holden                  7:35
Bob Gaylord                  7:35
Bob Tidwell                    7:37
Farouk Elkassed            7:37
Mike Ludwig                   7:50
Vicki Kendall                  7:55
Brett Hohmann               8:14

Runners doing two loops ( ~22 miles ) in approximate order of finish :

Martha Nelson
Aaron Schwartzbard
AJ Cillo
Stan Beckwith
Mark Prescott
Charles Rousseaux
Pria Naik
Linda Gaudette
Peter Duerst
John Nelson
Ryan Nebel
Kurt Wohler
Paul Amman
Diane Behm
Paul Crickard
Marilyn Fisher
Matt Holdaway
John Leonardis
Dave Snipes
Michael Gildea
Ed Walsh
Larry Bartlett
Rod Brana
Linda Wack
Denise Coll
Jen Page
Alan Lagon
Toni Aurilio
Holly Franz
Beth Foster
Johanna Lockner
Stephanie Danahy
Gina Evans
Ed Demoney

Runners doing one loop ( ~12 miles ) in approximate order of finish :

Joanne Fenninger
Mark Lofquist
Tom Corris
Amir Moore
Rob Colenso
Courtney Nester
Tabitha Hedrick
Siobhan Leonardis
Susan Baehre
Bryan Smith
Craig Penrose
Peihan Orestes
Michael Orestes
Mike Campbell
“Smitty” (Francesco) Smith
Amy Nguyen
Quatro Hubbard
Bruce Tweedie
Michelle Biskup
Bill Turrentine
Dan Aghdam
Megan McCluer
Sara Davidson
Beni Hawkins
Caroline Williams
Neil Richard
Lucia Davidson
Butch Britton
Ron Britton
James Moore (Team Slug original)
Anstr Davidson
Dave Gaudette
Kari Anderson
Bob Anderson
Luanne Turrentine

Happy New 2013 to all out in VHTRC Land, and hopefully Wednesday January 1, 2014 will find another lively group running the hills of Prince William Forest Park.


Happy Trails,