New Club Treasurer

The VHTRC board is pleased to announce that Brian McNeill has agreed to take over the important, but almost invisible job of club treasurer.

Brian takes over from Anstr Davidson who served as treasurer for many years.

Ed DemoneyThe first club treasurer was Ed Demoney.  Ed worked for a bank (that has long since disappeared) and he was the only responsible adult in the room of club founders, so it seemed right that he be the treasurer.  He opened a checking account for us.  We still use the same account today, but the bank has morphed a few times and is now called Bank of America.

Anstr DavidsonAnstr took over the treasurer duties in 1994. At that time, the bank account had a balance of $201.  Right now, with both MMT and BRR entry fees, we have over $80,000.  (That won't last. There will be a few bills to pay for the two events.)  Anstr figures that almost $1 million has gone through the club's account in the time he was treasurer. Anstr is the one who has overseen  our budgets, prepared club financial reports, paid the club credit card bills on time, seen to it that our RRCA membership was paid up, and kept our financial house in order all the while showing remarkable restraint  on how much got spent for beer.
Brian McNeill - click for larger
So Brian has a big job.  Most of you won't deal with him as treasurer, but if you do, please make his life as easy as possible. He has a big job that is critical to the club and his salary is the same as everyone else. Zero.


I think the whole club runs for less than some local road-running clubs spend on vests, cones, and signage each year.

Thanks to Anstr for making this such a pain-free transition. He built a whole bunch of low-maintenance processes, mostly in the Cloud, that make this a much simpler job than it might otherwise have been.



Absolutely - thanks to Anstr for his great work and thanks to Brian for his willingness to put up with all the coming shennanigans!

Anstr - thank you for your service!