Blue Train At Barkley

Bur, Eva, and KeithEva Pastalkova, Keith Knipling, and Mike Bur traveled to Frozen Head State Park in eastern Tennessee to attempt the Barkley Marathons. This was Eva's and Keith's first trip on the Barkley course. Eva finished the first 20+ mile loop in a swift 9:10 only to discover that she was missing a mandatory page from a book checkpoint. Despite backtracking on the course in a valiant attempt to find it, it was lost and she was finished. Keith made it to 1.5 loops before calling it a night in fog and rain. Bur finished his first loop only to miss the time cutoff for two loops. Nick Hollon and Travis Wildeboer became the 13th and 14th finishers of the Barkley when they came in under the 60 hour cutoff on Monday night in 57:39 and 58:41 respectively.