What a year of running and racing its been-- and it's only September!

The VHTRC recognizes outstanding performances and improvements by our members each year at the annual club Awards Party, which will be held in Jan/Feb 2014, date TBD. Members are asked to nominate their peers for these awards, and in an attempt to keep the year's performances at the forefront of your mind ( before College Bowl season totally zaps it), here is a partial list of the highlights of the year thus far. If you would like to nominate someone and he/she is not on this list, make sure you send it in when we call for nominations in December! (Note: in order to be eligible for VHTRC Awards, one must have been a member for the entire year covered by the award).

VHTRC Awards and Criteria

Holly Bugin-- female course record at Holiday Lake ( while a few weeks pregnant!)

Martha Nelson-- female course record at Highland Sky

Robin Watkins-- MMT female champ

Megan Stegemiller-- OD 100 female champ

Kim Love-Ottobre-- now 6/6 at the Ring and Reverse Ring

Amy Sproston-- third female at Western States

Adam Watkins-- Iditarod Trail finisher

Keith Knipling-- Reverse Ring overall winner, TWOT 100 finisher

Jack Kurisky -- Capon Valley overall winner, Hardrock 100 finisher

Bob Gaylord--Haliburton Forest 100 finisher

Again, this is a partial list! We especially need to know about Rookies and Most Improved runners. Start thinking and send in your nominations in December.