VHTRC Board Elections

The VHTRC did very well for many years with no democracy and only a "Bored" to lead it.  But those days are over.  Whether you like it or not, the club is big and needs to be managed.  It has to file a tax return, keep track of its money, and put on three very popular and over-subscribed events a year.

Being a board member is not time consuming, but it is important.

This election marks a change for the club. For the first time, none of the original founders of the VHTRC will be on the board.  Joe, Ed, and Anstr are not seeking reelection.  Alan Gowen and Alisa Springman are running for reelection.

This means that we need at least three people to step forward to run.  We know that some members are shy about this. To address that problem, we will not make the list of candidates public until the candidate declaration period is over.  You can explore the notion of running for the board and see who else is running without announcing your candidacy publicly.

Anstr Davidson is the commissioner of the election.  If you are interested in running, please contact him. You may also contact any board member, but you have to contact Anstr to make your candidacy official.

You should consult the election procedures.  These contain a schedule.  The period to declare candidacy is October 1-20, but you can and should contact Anstr now if you are interested.

2013 Election Procedures