Results from UTMB

In ChamonixWe think that we have finally found the results of the UTMB on its Web page, which we are submitting for the worst designed running Web site we have ever seen. Anyway, Amy Sproston lead the VHTRCers in 68th place, followed by Keith Knipling, Yosuke Murase, and Gary Knipling.  The course was shortened by the not-unsurprising bad weather in the Alps.  Pictures from Gary - Results

Ultra running, strange sport

Take the Read More link to read Jack Andrish's report based upon his experience at the Burning River 100 Mile held July 28-29.  There were a few VHTRC finishers at the event. Results

Big ultra weekend for VHTRC

Last weekend saw VHTRC members at the Vermont 100, Catherine's Furnace 50k, and the Rosaryville 50k. Among the highlights: Jack Kurisky completed the second leg of his Grand Slam and Caroline Williams finished the Vermont 100 after many attempts; Jeff Reed put on another stellar edition of Cat's, complete with cool weather and a gourmet finish line party thanks to Bob Fabia and his many helpers; and Cat's volunteers Rob Colenso and Sara Davidson scored tenth overall and age group wins, respectively, at the Rosaryville 50k, which was won by Brad Hinton. Vermont 100 Results | Rosaryville results | Catherine's Furnace 50K results

Blue Train is "wild and tough" at Hardrock 100

A hardy group of VHTRC members made the trek out to Silverton, Colorado for the 19th annual Hardrock 100 Endurance Run. According to our reporters on the scene, the weather was perfect except for an early storm, and there was very little snow on the course, which was run clockwise this year and yielded fast times. Jim Harris and Cam Baker were the first of the Blue Train to finish in 37:00. Kerry Owens finished her first Hardrock in 44:20 and was followed by Brad Koenig in 45:29, as well as hubby Doug Sullivan and Bill Losey in 47:40. Deb Pero was the last official finisher in 47:49, her second Hardrock finish. Results on Hardrock website

Record numbers run 12th annual Browntown Loop

Group at Massies CornerThe club's annual Independence Day celebration run, the Browntown Loop, saw record numbers for its twelfth year. Perhaps it was because host Gary Knipling had posted details on the ever-growing VHTRC Facebook page? Or was it the chance to escape record heat and power outages for good times in the SNP? Gary counted 46 runners/ hikers who beat the heat and cooled their heels in the Jordan River after the run, including a few local homesteaders, who got a "taste" of the typical VHTRC post-run after Tom Corris and Gary invited them to join in. Click photo for larger version.

Report from Camp Hardrock

Brian McNeill - click for largerBrian McNeill reports from Colorado where he is acclimating for the Hardrock 100 on July 13-14. 

"Day three of trail marking for Hardrock. Just after phones/cameras were put away, a squall came in and it snowed, albeit only for a minute or two.

"Past Hardrockers will note the absence of snow in the background. Last year's participants will be happy to hear the American Basin is completely clear of snow. I heard that last year's race involved thigh deep post-holing."

San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run

Mike Campbell has submitted his report of his run at the San Diego 100 mile June 9 and 10.

Blue Train at the San Diego 100

Blue Crew at SD 100A large group of VHTRC members is at the San Diego 100 Mile run this weekend. Scott Mills is in charge of the event.  The event is planning live updates so you can follow your favorite runner from here on the right coast.  Go to the San Diego 100 Web site to find the link.  Thanks to Michele Harmon for sending the picture.

MMT Splits Now Available

Actually, we had all the splits up when the last runner finished MMT on May 13.  But there were errors and missing data.  We have fixed the errors we could find and extrapolated the few missing times.  Also, you can now see a sorted list of runners' times over each stretch of the course.  (Now we know why Sean blew everyone away on the run to the finish. He was fastest over that stretch by six minutes.)  These data are particularly valuable if work is boring!  MMT 2012 Splits

It's 20 Women's Half Marathons!

Short version:  This year's Women's Half Marathon will be the 20th, and Anstr is an idiot.  Take the Read More link for a longer version complete with some club history.


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