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Browntown Loop

In what has become a long tradition, a VHTRC group celebrated the Fourth by doing the Browntown Loop. This loop is about 20 miles and features a stop at the store in Browntown about two thirds of the way through. Thanks to a call from Gary, the store was open just for us even though it is usually closed on Sunday morning.  It was warm but not too bad considering it was the Fourth.  The forest is very dry! The party at the end wasn't.  Photos on Flickr (click photo above for larger version)

Seneca Creek Greenway Trail Marathon and 50K

Kari Brown was the female winner of the 50km at the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail Marathon and 50K held on March 6, in Montgomery County, Maryland. Several other VHTRC members finished the two events.



Hashawha Hills Cancelled

The snow has claimed another victim.  The Hashawha Hills 50km has been cancelled due to heavy snow that makes the trail inaccessible and  parking (for 120 people, anyway) impossible.


Entrants in this year's event will receive a credit toward the 2011 entry fee.  Hopefully, the snow will have melted by then.


At right is Pam Gowen on the trail in show shoes. For more information, go to the Hashawha Hills 50km page.  Entrants should have received an e-mail. For more pictures of the snow, go to the Flickr site.

Time to Volunteer

Working at a VHTRC event is fun and rewarding. It is also instrumental to the success of our events. Where else can you spend a beautiful day in the woods watching wasted runners puke?  Take "Read More" to see the options.

Great Wx for 2013 QSQB

QSQB sticker

A small but determined field toed the line this past Saturday for what has become an annual mid-atlantic trail journey through 4 states.  Three were actually able to make it through all 4 states: Matt Smythe, Fred Fialco and Jeff Gura; the rest enjoyed a Hortonesque 50k on a bluebird fall day.

A huge thanks to the volunteers Tom Simonds, Jeff Radan, Caren Jew and Dan Mowers for helping make it all happen.

qsqb starters

2013 Women's Half Marathon

More than 200 women finished the 21st annual VHTRC Women’s Half Marathon, enjoying nearly perfect early Fall weather. Finishing in 1:33:33, Martha Nelson defended her title and beat her old course record by more than four minutes. Results.

What a year of running and racing its been-- and it's only September!

The VHTRC recognizes outstanding performances and improvements by our members each year at the annual club Awards Party, which will be held in Jan/Feb 2014, date TBD. Members are asked to nominate their peers for these awards, and in an attempt to keep the year's performances at the forefront of your mind ( before College Bowl season totally zaps it), here is a partial list of the highlights of the year thus far. If you would like to nominate someone and he/she is not on this list, make sure you send it in when we call for nominations in December! (Note: in order to be eligible for VHTRC Awards, one must have been a member for the entire year covered by the award).

VHTRC Awards and Criteria

Holly Bugin-- female course record at Holiday Lake ( while a few weeks pregnant!)

Martha Nelson-- female course record at Highland Sky

Robin Watkins-- MMT female champ

Megan Stegemiller-- OD 100 female champ

Lapkoff Wins at CrossFit Games

Sharon Lapkoff won the Masters Women 60+ division at the CrossFit Games held July 26-28, in Carson, California.  Though not a trail run, it was an impressive performance.  Results (set the Division to "Masters Women 60+")

Catoctin 50km

Brian Schmidt won the 2013 Catoctin 50 km in Frederick, Maryland.  This run, that you love to hate, was held in unseasonably moderate weather.  Several other VHTRC members participated.  Results [pdf] | Catoctin Web site | Local News Article

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