Dry Trail, Good Weather, and Record at Bull Run Run

Aliza Lapierre bettered her BRR record by over 17 minutes at the 20th Bull Run Run 50 mile held on April 14. The course was dry and the weather good.  Full results, reports, and photos

K. Knipling and K. Brown Win the R. Ring - and Cam Baker's Double Ring Trumps All

7 of 18 runners who started the Reverse Ring on Saturday February 25 managed to overcome the cold and the WIND to make the full circuit of the Massanutten Trail.  Keith Knipling took first with a time of 15 hours and 36 minutes, and the first woman was Kari Brown in 22 hours and 55 minutes.  But The Story was Cam Baker, who finished dead last at the Reverse Ring, but who warmed up for the event the day before by running The Ring.  The second finisher of a Double Ring, and the first to do it as a 142-mile out-n-back run, Cam's total time was 51 hours and 25 minutes.

Hashawha Hills Is Full

Entry to the Hashawha Hills 50km is closed and so is the wait list.  Hashawha Hills page

Magnum Gluteus Maximus 50km

A large group of runners enjoyed good weather at the 20th MGM held on December 10 at Hemlock Overlook.  Many even ran the whole way.  Results and a report of sorts are available on the Read more link.

Tim Loomis Wins Football Contest

Congratulations to Tim Loomis for winning the 2011 VHTRC Football contest. C.J. Blagg was second. Matt Lancaster and Adam Matheson tied for third place.  Look for the College Bowl contest coming soon! Contest Results

Schwartzbard, Nelson Take Wins at Fire on the Mountain 50km

Aaron Schwartzbard won the Fire on the Mountain 50km "presented by Sheetz" on November 6, in Flintstone, Maryland.  (We looked it up. It's between Hancock and Cumberland in Western Maryland.)  Martha Nelson was first woman and fourth overall.  Randee Brown was third overall.  Several other VHTRC members finished.  Event Web site | Results

Nelson Takes Her Second Win at the Womens Half Marathon

Eliza O'Connell, Ragan Petrie, RD Kate Abbott, and Martha NelsonMartha Nelson, Ragan Petrie, and Eliza O'Connell led the field at the 2011 VHTRC Women's Half Marathon. 194 women finished out of 206 starters. Martha's winning time of 1:39:35 was just off her course record. The first three women finished within 40 seconds of each other. The rain stayed away to give the runners nice, but a bit humid weather.  (The top three are pictured, right in the reverse order they finished with RD Kate Abbott.) Results | Aaron's Photos

Andiamo Entry Is Open

Andiamo patchEntry for the Andiamo 45 mile run of the W&OD Bike path is now open.  Andiamo is the one non-trail event that the VHTRC sponsors. It will be held on October 8. Participants run from Virginia's horse country to Arlington.  It is a fun, low key event.  More information and entry

Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50 km

Brad Hinton and Dan Rose (photo right with Brad on right) went one-two at the Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50 km held on August 6 in King George, Virginia.  Several other VHTRC members participated in the event.  Former club member and former MMT winner, Bethany Patterson, was the female winner.  Event results

Hardrock 100

Several VHTRC members participated in the Hardrock 100 held July 8-10 in Colorado. Hardrock Web site.


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