November 11

Happy Veterans Day to all vets!  We will not have an organized version of our annual run on the Mall. But anyone is, of course, welcome to run the monuments.


Several VHTRC members did well at the Mountain Masochists 50 Miler on November 6. This traditional run founded by David Horton is of the old school.  The winner finished in 7:23 and the time limit is 12 hours.  Results

Potomac Heritage 50km - Results now available

After detailed analysis by the race committee, the results of the 2010 Potomac Heritage 50k are now available. Fantastic weather led to another great Potomac Heritage 50 km on November 7.  This year, there was "Broderick theme" to honor and remember our friend.  A big thanks to the volunteers and, of course, Kerry Owens, our hostess for this great event.  Results (Three sets of pictures are linked from the results page.)

Halloweeny Fat Ass and Other Spooky Activities

A huge thank you to Sharon and Ted Lapkoff for putting on a great 50k, the Halloweeny Fat Ass, in Maryland (and West Virginia and Virginia) on Saturday, October 30.  A good time was had by all in great weather.  Several ran the event in costumes. It is hard to have just one picture here, but we picked Greg Zaruba because he was sort of cute. This picture was taken by Bobby Gill (check out the rest of his pictures).


On the next day, several VHTRC members, including some who had run the Halloweeny, ran the Fire on the Mountain 50km in western Maryland.  Results | Event Web site

Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50km

Some have gotten their running shorts in a knot over the fact that management has not updated the Magnus Gluteus Maximus Web page for this year.  Sorry about that!  The event will be held on December 11.  Details about entry, etc. will come soon. The Web page has been updated.

Javalina Jundred

Harland Peelle was the first of several VHTRC members at the Javalina 100 in Arizona on October 23.  Harland was 21st in a time of 21:45:12.694.  Ya, they took the seconds of the finish time to three decimal places!  The finishing rate of the event was vary low. That was probably as much for the convenient drop put opportunities that the loop course presents as it was for the warm, desert heat. Results

Mike Broderick 1956 - 2010

Mike Broderick left us too soon.  He was our friend, and we miss him and his smile.  We have collected links to rememberances of Mike on the Read More link.


Hot TWOT Results

A great day in the mountains for The Wild Oak Trail 100 on October 9. As is the usual case, no one finished. Dennis now calls this the "Mild TWOT."  Hot TWOT Results

Great Eastern 100k

Harland Peelle was second at the Great Eastern 100k held on September 25 in the mountains south of Charlottesville.  Mike Bailey was third in the 50k .  Thanks to Sean Andrish, who finished the 50km, for the initial report.  Results | Web site

Neal Gorman - Second at Wasatch, First in Slam

The "Grand Slam" is a western thing. Three of the events are much closer to the Pacific Ocean than the Atlantic. But the right coast has the first person to do the Slam (Tom Green) and, now, the person to have done it in the shortest time.  Congratulations to Neal Gorman!

Wasatch Results


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