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Our current situation is that members have two passwords to forget. The general one that is the same for everyone gets you into the Members Only section of the site. Then those who have made an account here have their own (different) password. Our goal is to fix that by having everything on this new section and do away with the password that everyone forgets and is not very secure.


Step one is to migrate the members only look up form over here. We have done that.  We hope you will test it and let us know if you have a problem.  Be sure you are logged in and then go to the Member Lookup page. (If you really want to test it, try this link when you are not logged in. Hopefully, you will get an error.)

Hot TWOT Results

A great day in the mountains for The Wild Oak Trail 100 on October 9. As is the usual case, no one finished. Dennis now calls this the "Mild TWOT."  Hot TWOT Results

Hayward Wins Andiamo

John Hayward won Andiamo, a run of the 45-mile W&OD Bike Path on October 9. Kendall Hommel was the first woman.  Results

Upload your Picture!

It is very easy to do. Click on "My account" to the bottom left of this page and then push the Edit tab. Your picture will be resized on upload.  Pictures so far (need to be signed in to view).

Brian Schmidt Wins Grindstone

Brian Schmidt won the Grindstone 100 miler in a time of 19:44:32. Several other club members followed Brian across the finish line. Live Results | Grindstone blog | Event Web site | Bobby Gill's Photos

Great Eastern 100k

Harland Peelle was second at the Great Eastern 100k held on September 25 in the mountains south of Charlottesville.  Mike Bailey was third in the 50k .  Thanks to Sean Andrish, who finished the 50km, for the initial report.  Results | Web site

Amy Wins Another 100

Challen Edwards reports that Amy Sproston was the first woman at the Pines to Palm 100 in Oregon on September 19. Challen noted that it was a "tough course and crappy conditions, but [Amy] came in under 23 hours." Final results do not seem to be on the Web yet. Picture at right is from the 2008 MMT and it is by Aaron Schwartzbard.  Event Web site | Results

Lean Horse 100 Report

Read a report of the Lean Horse 100 mile by Caroline Williams.

Neal Gorman - Second at Wasatch, First in Slam

The "Grand Slam" is a western thing. Three of the events are much closer to the Pacific Ocean than the Atlantic. But the right coast has the first person to do the Slam (Tom Green) and, now, the person to have done it in the shortest time.  Congratulations to Neal Gorman!

Wasatch Results

Heather Schaffer Wins Her Third Women's Half Marathon

There was near perfect weather at the 18th VHTRC Women's Half Marathon held at Fountainhead Regional Park on September 11.  Heather Schaffer (photo right) led 181 happy finishers as she won the race for the third time.


Aaron's pictures are now available. They are very good!  Most of them are now tagged, so you can search them.  The photo at right is by Aaron.


Results, report, and photos


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