UVA - Mother of Trail Runners

Setting aside that Thomas Jefferson is probably turning over in his grave that women are at his academical village, the University of Virginia has produced several impressive female members of the VHTRC. One of them, Sophie Speidel, is profiled in the University of Virginia Magazine.

Awards Party

Amy Sproston and Sean Andrish took the top honors at the annual VHTRC awards party held on February 20.

Hashawha Hills Cancelled

The snow has claimed another victim.  The Hashawha Hills 50km has been cancelled due to heavy snow that makes the trail inaccessible and  parking (for 120 people, anyway) impossible.


Entrants in this year's event will receive a credit toward the 2011 entry fee.  Hopefully, the snow will have melted by then.


At right is Pam Gowen on the trail in show shoes. For more information, go to the Hashawha Hills 50km page.  Entrants should have received an e-mail. For more pictures of the snow, go to the Flickr site.

Ian Torrence Interview

Former VHTRC member Ian Torrence won the 1999 and 2000 MMT. Like many members, he moved out west.  Here is an interesting recent interview of Ian.

VHTRC dominates at Holiday Lake 50K

Bobby Gill and Justine Morrison were the top VHTRC finishers at the Holiday Lake 50K on Saturday. Bobby was 4th overall in 5:10 and Justine was 11th overall and first female in 5:15. Jack Kurisky was first male master and fifth overall in 5:11, Martha Wright was first female master in 6:21, and Janice Heltibridle was first female supermaster in 6:55. Many VHTRC members were there, no doubt trying to get in a "trail" run after Snowmageddon. Times were slower than usual due to 5+ inches of snow and ice on the course, which is now closer to a true 50K than in years past with more single track. Because of the snow, RD David Horton extended the cut-off time to 9 hours and 244 out of 268 runners finished. Results are here.

Rocky Raccoon

Rocky Raccoon results. Read the comment from Rob Dolan.

Runners Brave Cold at Eagle Run

Gary Knipling hosted the annual Eagle Run on Mason Neck on January 31. The day started out cold, but with no wind and a bright sun, it wasn't too bad. Gary had aid stations almost every mile. Eagles were spotted, but fewer than normal.  After the run, Gary led everyone in prayer as the group celebrated sobriety and abstinence. Photos from: Eric McGlinchey | Bobby Gill | Anstr

Time to Volunteer

Working at a VHTRC event is fun and rewarding. It is also instrumental to the success of our events. Where else can you spend a beautiful day in the woods watching wasted runners puke?  Take "Read More" to see the options.

New VHTRC Logo Selected

We would like to thank the voters for their participation in the logo election process.  Logo number five, submitted by Andrew Speidel, has been elected as the winning logo. (His, now "our," logo is at right.) The runner up was logo number one, submitted by Doug Sullivan and the third place logo was logo number six, submitted by Laura Bur.  To see a larger version of the logo click on the Read More link.

Redeye Brings in New Year - Results Now Available

Gary has come up with the results from the Redeye 50km held on January 1.  This traditional event was given to us by the the Slugs and particularly Dan Grayson, James Moore, and Bill Sublett. James was there to keep the tradition alive. Thanks to Gary Knipling who, with help from Jo Lockner and Bob Phillips, put on this year's event. As usual, the aid station was a cornucopia of cholesterol left over from the holidays. Results | Photos by: Ted Bielawa | Anstr Davidson.


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