Veterans Day

"The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month"


Here are Charlie Miracle's photos from the traditional Veteran's Day run. (See Comments)

Mt. Masochists Updates

There seem to be extensive online updates from David's, now Clark's, Mt. Masochists 50 miler.  Several VHTRC members are down there.  "Live Results" | Blog | Event Home Page

VHTRC Turkey Chase

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A great day to be out on the trails!  After 2 days of rain, the runners were treated to cool and clear, near perfect running weather.  A small group of about 15 ran distances that ranged from 7-12ish miles.

A Wet Potomac Heritage 50km - Results Available

The weather was not that bad at the Potomac Heritage 50km. Yes, there was rain, but it wasn't too hard. Also, it was not too cold. But the streams were high and the mud on the trail got a bit squishy.


Kerry's report and results are now available.


The event was great as usual. A well-marked course and great aid stations. The post race festivities were up to the usual high standard of our hostess, Kerry.


A big thank you to Kerry and all of her volunteers!


Report and Results | PHT Web Page

The Turtle and The Bear

Here's another story about another VHTRC adventure in Shenandoah National Park organized by Gary Knipling, VHTRC's resident naturalist.

Human Body Meant to Run?

An interesting article in the NY Times. The Human Body is Built for Distance

The Wild Oak Trail 100

A small group or runners participated in the Wild Oak Trail 100, fall version, the "Hot TWOT" on October 10. As happens frequently, no one finished. Results and photos

Sean Andrish wins Wild Duluth 100K

Steve Core reported that Sean won the Wild Duluth 100K today (October 17) in 10:52. Wild Duluth website.


Oil Creek 100

Jim Harris reports:


"A handful of VHTRC individuals were at the inaugural Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs this past Saturday [October 10] - Bob Combs, Margie Hughes, Brian Musick, Hunt Bartine, Tom Sperduto (first 100) and I. Probably others that I missed. Great race. Technical course with over 17,000 feet of gain. Excellent first year event and Tom Jennings is to be commended for all of his effort as a first time RD."

Event Web site


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