The Wild Oak Trail 100 Mile


The Wild Oak Trail Run

"prepare to die" -- TWOT founder, Dennis Herr

112.8 Mile / 4 Loop, Fri. 8AM
28.2 Mile / 1 Loop, Sat. 8AM

"New" Midnight Challenge
28.2 Mile / 1 Loop, Fri./Sat. 12AM

All events are unsupported.

October 20-22, 2017

February, 2018

Finisher’s List: Sub-50 Hour

10/2016 male 1 loop: Andy Stravers, New Mexico -- 5h 10min

10/2016 female 1 loop: Sarah Schubert, Virginia -- 5h 19min

10/2016 male 4 loops: Mike Pflieger, Virginia -- 33h 20min

10/2016 female 4 loops: n/a

FKT (fastest known time) recorded before trail work during summer of 2016 for one loop held by David Frazier, Virginia -- 4h 14min during Hot TWOT 10/12/13
Neal Gorman, Virginia, recorded a FKT of 4:21:19 the month prior on 09/05/13.

The Basics

Wild Oak has no fee and limited aid. Runners can do 1, 2, 3 or all 4 loops. Each loop is "25 miles" (probably closer to 28). Runners absolutely need to be able to find their own way, because the course won't be marked. You must be able to navigate the course using just the tree blazes as your guide.  The Wild Oak Trail is blazed white, so if you are running on a trail of a different color, you are off TWOT. There are no aid stations, no volunteers, no audience, no car rides back to the start. The participants are held 100% accountable for their own safety.

*Important: The trail path was altered in the summer of 2016 to add mileage and lose a slight bit of elevation. All course records will be new henceforth. To see previous course records set on the old trail course, please reference the “Past Results” page.* [note added by Antoinette on 6/19/16]

NOTE: TWOT is not a VHTRC sponsored event. The VHTRC does not deserve any credit for this event!

Who is Invited

Since this is a semi-invitational, here are some guidelines to help you determine if you are "invited". Actually, most of the following determines who is not invited.

  1. If you are even the least bit worried or concerned about getting lost, don't come.
  2. If you have questions, don't come.
  3. If you need a crew, don't come.
  4. If you need toilet paper, don't come.
  5. If you expect to be pampered in any way shape or form, don't come.
  6. If you're a whiner, don't come.
  7. If you're a freeloader, don't come.
  8. If you're seeking fame and/or fortune, don't come.
  9. If you're thinking about writing a report about your experience at Wild Oak, don't come.
  10. If you crave abuse, if you yearn for abuse, if you are addicted to abuse in any way shape or form (be it physical, mental, sexual, verbal, mathematical, artistic or whatevah) BY ALL MEANS, BE MY GUEST. (This applies to abusees only. Abusers are not welcome. The only abuser allowed is the trail.)

Interested In An Attempt?

In 2016, Dennis Herr passed the TWOT reins onto Antoinette Landragin, who took over as RD. Entry is via email, so if you want to run TWOT or Hot TWOT, please email Antoinette.  

Participants, please include in your email: Name, Race Day Age, Gender, and State/Country for use in the results grid.  Please also include your anticipated racing distance and your start date (either Friday at 8 AM or Saturday at 8 AM).  All four-loop hopefuls also include your t-shirt size.  All participants should plan to bring one gallon/3 liter bottle of water (or another drink of choice), and one food item for use in the common aid for the race.

About the Event

If you don't know about TWOT or Hot TWOT, please learn more about them before you consider participating. This is not your average trail race. The Wild Oak Trail is a rugged, beautiful loop of roughly 28 miles in the George Washington National Forest southwest of Harrisonburg.  Each loop of the trail has three brutal climbs, taking the runner to about 4,000 feet. While much of the trail surface is runnable, there are also rocky, difficult stretches that make smooth running very challenging.  


TWOT Trail Maintenance -- Big Bald

TWOT enthusiasts and trail lovers interested in offering their manual-labor services will be petitioned to come out and help keep the Big Bald section of the TWOT loop clear. To join the email-listing of good hearted folks looking to put in volunteer hours on the trails, please contact Antoinette with your name, telephone number, level of trail work experience (none, moderate, or seasoned), your level of first aid experience, and any tools you may be able to volunteer for the service. Further instructions for interested parties to be sent out via email. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help make the trail clear for all!

Wild Oak Trail Logo


I-81 to Exit 240 then Rte 257 West to Bridgewater. Left on Main St. (Rte 42). Right on Rte 727 (right after crossing bridge). Six miles on 727 to Sangerville. Left on Rte 730. Six miles on 730. Right on Rte 718. One mile on 718. Cross cement bridge, do a right-left dogleg onto FDR 95. 0.1 mile on 95 to trailhead parking lot on the right.

Parking: There is limited parking in the small lot right at the trail head, and then other parking back down FDR 95 at its junction with Tillman Road, roughly 100 yards from the parking lot entrance. Do NOT park in front of the entrance to the girl scout camp, which you will pass just before the road junction on your way in. And do NOT park in front of any gates! See Antoinette for clarification if you arrive and have questions regarding the parking. PLEASE car pool if possible, as parking can be tight if we get too many vehicles!

WARNING!!  Do NOT depend on navigational aids such as Garmin to direct you to the start at the TWOT lot.  Some remain unreliable in their ability to direct you to the lot.  To be safe, use the directions and consult a map instead.

View from Big Bald


Wild Oak Trail Information and Prior Results

Group on the first hill
2001 Racers Take Break During Relentless Assault of First Hill