Join the VHTRC

Start here to join the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club.  Fill out the information below, and then you will be sent to PayPal where you will pay your membership dues.

Don't join unless you know about the VHTRC. You are welcome run with us before you join.

Privacy: All of the information below, including your e-mail address, will be available to other VHTRC members. Only your name, sex, month and day of birth, and home city and state will be available to the public. The club has always had an understanding that membership means the ability to contact each other. If you don't want club members to have your contact information, please don't join the club. Privacy policy

Your Username: The Username that you enter below will appear on the site several places and must be a "regular" first and last name with a space between. Example: "Joe Blow" not something like "JBlow" or "joe blow" or "joeblow."

Also, please initial capitalize your name, address, etc.  Please no ALL CAPS and no all lower case for proper names.