Trail Work Party

Saturday May 2, 2015

The VHTRC Club will have its MMT Trail work party/day on Saturday May 2, 2015. This has been an annual event for many years. For one day, we work on improving the trails in the Massanutten Mountains under the jurisdiction of the George Washington National Forest.  These trails are part of the many runs we do out there including MMT.

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Although MMT doesn’t require runners to “log in” any hours for volunteer work, this is an opportunity for runners, and/or others, to give back to MMT/VHTRC/Trails in general if they wish to have a good feeling in their soles (pun intended). Some ultra runs across the country require volunteer/service hours for entry, and this can certainly qualify for those needs.

The format for the day is:

  • First, sign up on the VHTRC site.
  • Volunteers will be divided into groups with a leader assigned to a particular section of trail based on work need.
  • Groups may do an out-and-back, or loop, or point-to-point section of trail; again depending on need. This will be at the direction of the group leader.
  • Start time is close to 8:00 AM on Saturday May 2nd at the trailhead assigned.
  • Most sections will take from 5-8 hours to complete, so plan on spending an entire day in those beloved Massanutten Mountains.
  • Safety is very important. Further information will be provided to volunteers. Please wear work clothing, shoes, gloves, and eye protection.

Please sign up if you are coming.  Here is the participants list.

If you have questions, contact Gary Knipling.